Yarn Shop Day Socks

“Yarn Shop Day is an annual celebration that takes place in hundreds of yarn and haberdashery stores across the country. Pay a visit to your local participating shop on the day and take advantage of what’s on offer, ranging from free patterns, discounts and competitions to book signings, goody bags and workshops.”

Yarn Shop Day (YSD) was held this year on 6th May and shortly afterwards Instagram lit up with lovely examples of socks being knitted in the official YSD yarn from West Yorkshire Spinners.

It’s such a pretty stripe that I couldn’t resist, and immediately hunted down a ball for socks for The Hubby.

My enthusiasm didn’t stretch to getting them straight on the needles, but they’re done now and I’m very happy with them.  Funnily enough, so is The Hubs!  We all know how much that man adores a hand knitted, colourful stripe!

As a little aside, I was recently knitting socks in the car with the kids in the back.  Hubby was jovially bemoaning the fact that the socks were on the needles and not on his feet, when Miss Button piped up from the back that perhaps it was time he learned to knit his own socks so that mummy could knit other things.  She possibly had the sweater for her, that was also on the needles, in mind, but I hooted with laughter. 

She may also have had an extra treat that day…just sayin’!

I have to say that WYS make a really lovely sock yarn.  It’s soft but sturdy, with good stitch definition, and, having knit with it before, I can confirm that it washes and wears well too. I think that makes the WYS sock yarns are great value for money.  If your budget doesn’t stretch to some of the lovely artisan sock yarns out there, or, like me, you like to stick your socks in the washing machine and then over a radiator to dry (please don’t judge) then you can’t go wrong with WYS.

Also, they make stripy yarn with stripes that can be easily matched across a pair of socks.  I may have mentioned previously that this is a personal obsession bugbear preference of mine.

I’d definitely recommend this yarn!  City Knits still had stock last time I looked.

Project notes

Pattern: Regia 4 ply sock
Pattern cost:  Free
Yarn:    West Yorkshire Spinners Sock Yarn
Colourway:  Yarn Shop Day Sock Yarn – Limited Edition
Purchased at: City Knits
Yarn cost:  £7.20






6 Responses to Yarn Shop Day Socks

  1. What beautiful socks. I adore the colours in them. Do you know teaching Hubby to knit might not be such a bad idea. My uncle, sadly now deceased but would have been in his late 80’s, learnt to knit in the Navy. Maybe they knit their own socks there? Button is fabulous. She made me laugh. 🙂 Xx

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      Button either makes me laugh or weep! She’s a minx!

      I do think it’s only recently that men haven’t knitted as much, although I do know some who still do. Hubby cannot get his head around knitting. It entertains me no end how such a clever guy can be so bewildered by a bit of yarn and a couple (or 4) sticks. He believes it to be witchcraft!

  2. Tialys says:

    Lovely socks – I wish I could knit them up as quickly as you seem to be able to. I must practice more.

  3. Kim says:

    No judgement here – I abuse my own hand knitted socks in exactly the same way 😂.
    (I think I would like Button! The girl has real sass)