Work in progress

The problem with making progress on projects is that there is nothing really to show for it.

Larry is becoming known as the Sweater of Doom in these parts. I am Beyond Bored with knitting this simply because I’ve already knit this yarn before. Knitting it again is Tedious (yes…with a capital T!).

The Sweater of really just looks like a pile of knitted fabric at the moment.

The Sweater of Doom…it really just looks like a pile of knitted fabric at the moment.

Thankfully, I finished the first sleeve last night, and the second sleeve will seem less Tedious because I’ve got the row count written down, so I just need to crack on and tick off those rows as quickly as possible.  I’m waiting in today for a courier so I’m planning to make use of the time by watching Marple box sets and picking up that second sleeve.

marple 1

I do have an added incentive at the moment.  Not only does The Husband sit next to me on the sofa each evening making sad eyes and muttering about wanting to wear the damned thing before the good weather finally arrives; but I also didn’t have enough yarn.

*grits teeth to refrain from uttering stream of invective and expletives*

As this yarn is now discontinued (of course) tracking it down could have been tricky, but the lovely folks at McA have some in stock and sent me 3 balls, aaaaannnnd are holding another 3 for a few weeks, just in case.  I suspect I may need one more of them for the neck.  We shall see.

We are also making progress in a project I’m calling “Shabby to Chic”.  Our house hasn’t been decorated since before the kids came home.  With 2 adults, 2 kids and a large dog, the place is starting to look more than a little bit worn around the edges.  And the middle.  And all points in-between.

The need for a complete rewire has created the impetus to do a complete top down spruce up.  The sewing loft is to be ripped out, remodelled and turned into our bedroom.  Our bedroom will become The Boy’s.  His bedroom will become my new sewing room…eventually.  Just as blasted Ikea are withdrawing their fabulous Expedit range.  What possessed them?

This is a huge project that will take a good couple of years to finish, I think, but at the end of it we will have replaced all windows and external doors, rewired the place with many more socket outlets and more usefully placed light switches, and will be using all the space in the house more efficiently.  Oh and the hideous porch at the front of the house that has plagued me for years WILL  finally be replaced.

Most importantly (far more important than the risk of the electrics frying us all in our beds) I will have a new sewing room.  With storage!  And good daylight!

Until then though I’m sewing on the kitchen table.  I do not like this at all.  I realise I’ve been completely spoiled with the Sewing Loft (however shabby and disorganised), but I’ve got my eye on the prize and a sewing project on the go (in between meals, homework and painting projects that the kids insist on).

Thread Theory Jedediah Pants

Yep…I’m making the Mr the pair of trousers I promised him a couple of years ago. Or maybe 6 years ago.

I’m not counting.

I’m sure he is.

These are the Thread Theory Jedediah Pants and so far I’m really impressed. Printing and taping the PDF was a breeze.  Great tiling.  It bodes well, I hope, for the sewing.

16 Responses to Work in progress

  1. Jane G says:

    Keeping the end in sight is definitely the way to get through, You may have had enough of the yarn, but it does look lovely knitted up, and hubby’s gratitude will make it all worthwhile. I’ve always had good experiences with that company too

  2. Love this, The Sweater of Doom made me laugh! As for the remodel, you have all my sympathy and wishes of luck, we started from bare walls (and in some cases, had to knock those down) and this house and it’s sadly still ongoing after 6 years, but I do have a bright clean studio to work in, all to myself after I kicked the boys out of their half of it last year – hee hee!

    • We are ripping out all of the “walls” in the loft that were put in by the previous owners and consist of whatever they could find at the time. Thankfully all other walls were moved/replaced 6 years ago. It’s still a beast of a job but I have my eye on the prize. 😉 My sewing room will be smaller, but will have fitted storage and lots of worksurface and shelves. I’ll be able to lay hands on stuff easily for the first time ever. It’s going to be splendid and worth the mess.

  3. Vicki Kate says:

    The wool does look pretty though, even though your sick of the sight of it!!
    I keep forgetting the absolutely whole of house remodel that you’re doing at the moment! It will get there… Unlike mine whereas once a project is completed Husband decides to start another destroying work completed the last year! We re-turfed our back lawn last autumn. This spring he wants to take a digger across it to start another project! Head Desk!!

    • You’re so lucky your hubby can do the work. I just keep thinking it will be worth it in the end. And mine does things like that. They drive you crazy 😉

  4. Andrea says:

    I’m so excited for your house reno project and I hope you will post “WIP” photos of it. Yes, it can be tedious, but think of the fact that you will make the changes exactly as you want them! Your husband should count himself lucky: a sweater and trousers? My Mr. Stitch has seen nothing handmade in a good long while!

    • I shall post WIP pictures and, no doubt, bitch and moan about the whole process. I am excited to be starting the work, but will be even more so to finish it! 😉
      I shall remind the husband how lucky he is the next time he’s giving me the stink eye because his sweater isn’t finished. I have socks on the needles for him too…

  5. K-Line says:

    You’re so right about mid-process knitting. It’s not much to look at. And, if you’ve already used the yarn before, there’s no novelty for your hands. But keep on! He’s going to love the finished object.

    • It’s just a big pile of “meh” at the moment! I’m becoming quite ferocious about getting it finished now. I picked up the second sleeve today and will be knitting like a fool until it’s done. He’d better love it…. 😉

  6. Like you I love starting renovations but always eager to finish! I feel it’s better to do a big project than a small one…in the end it takes less… I agree your husband is super lucky… It’s over a month now I need to replace some buttons on his trousers….the excuse being I have to buy them 😉

    • It’s just got to the stage where all the niggling little things just need bashing out with a hammer and starting again. It will be worth it.
      And I wouldn’t be in any hurry to replace buttons. A month…pah! No time at all for that kind of sewing 😉

  7. dokucug says:

    I’m looking forward to reading about your experience with the Jedediah trousers, as my own hubby has requested a pair 🙂

    Also: Kitchen Table Sewing Ladies Unite! I have no hope of ever having a sewing room in this house, and it looks as if we’ll be here for a while. So I know that at least one other person out there “gets” it!

    • Kitchen Table Sewing Ladies…that makes it all so much better.

      I’m planning to cut out the toile for the Jedediah’s tonight, and the measurements look good so far…except for the legs. Bless him…he hasn’t got long legs.

      But watch this space…I shall report back.

  8. Oh my, I feel fo ryou. At least when we do renovations we can go home to a nice comfy house and not live through it!