Wellie warmers – FO 9/2010

Don’t tell Button I let her Daddy put his feet on the table.  She’d be extremely disgruntled!  Anyway…back to the socks.

You’ll recall the pattern is from The Knitting Man(ual) and the yarn is Superba Print.

All in all, I’m pleased with these socks other than they are a little loose around the foot, even though I knit them to the gauge in the pattern..  If I was making these again, and I may use the pattern with a different stitch, I’d use a size smaller needle to get a slightly tighter gauge.

That said, Mr S is pleased with them and feels they are the perfect sock for wellies and walking boots, so I’m pleased too.


One Response to Wellie warmers – FO 9/2010

  1. Jane says:

    They look fabulous, and very nicely modelled, lol