Twiglet Mitts

I’ve had some lovely red yarn in my stash for years.  Since my last visit to Yarndale, in fact.  Which was, according to this wise old blog, in 2013.

High time it was knitted up, I think.  Especially as I’m all about the stash busting this year.

I had planned to make it up into the lovely mitts in The Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible, but they called for DK, and this was most definitely 4 ply.  (In hindsight, I had enough yarn to use double, but there we go!)

So I put the Ravelry Pattern Search feature to work, and spent a happy while looking at pretty mitten patterns.  So. Many. Pretty. Mitts.  It was a dirty job but someone had to do it!

In the end, I stuck an imaginary pin in the screen and chose Twiglet Mitts by Martine Ellis. How could I resist this all over lace pattern?

It turned out to be such a good choice.

These were a joy to knit, and are equally joyful to wear.  The colour is a deep saturated burgundy red, that goes with all my coats.   They are lighter weight than the Kindling Mitts of my last post, but perfect for warmer days when you still need something on your hands.  I added a few pattern repeats to make them longer on my wrist.  An easy enough modification.

I was always rather resistant to fingerless mitts, no matter how pretty.  But as a dog walker, unless it’s so bitterly cold that you need your fingers covered so you don’t part company with them, fingerless mitts are a joy.  Clipping leads off and on (not to mention fiddling with little plastic bags when nature calls) is so much easier.  I’m a convert!

And if you knit these mitts, I think you might be too.

Project notes:

Pattern: Twiglet Mitts
Pattern cost: Free Ravelry Downlad
Yarn:    Drops Baby Alpaca Silk
Colourway:  Red
Purchased at: Yarndale
Yarn cost:  Who knows? Who cares? 😉

6 Responses to Twiglet Mitts

  1. Kim says:

    Very pretty Evie 😃

  2. K-Line says:

    OK, I don’t think I’m ever going to love doing lacework – though I do it on occasion since it’s so pretty. But these mitts win for the best name! (Hilariously, my kid loves Twiglets too – and steals them from me when I get the big container from the shop that sells the UK treats. When I first told her what the flavouring is she freaked out and thought it was gross, and then continued to eat them by the handful. Must be genetic :-)) Note: Canadians don’t much go in for Bovril or Marmite or those kinds of spreads. You can find it at the store but I’ve never seen anyone put it in their carts but me. Nothing better than toast with TONS of butter and a slight slick of Marmite. Sad that I don’t eat bread!

    • Evie says:

      My kids love Twiglets too! I don’t mind them but prefer salty crisps. I love Bovril as a hot drink (I know…weird…but lovely on a really cold day), but I’ve never had Marmite on toast. Really must give it a go.
      As for the mitts, I really enjoyed this lace pattern. It’s really simple.

  3. Tialys says:

    These are lovely. I wear my fingerless mitts for dog walking too but my ones have a thumb and I would prefer them to be thumbless too as your fingers aren’t much good without your thumb when clipping and unclipping 😉