Tropical Socks

Grab your sunglasses, folks.  These are mighty bright socks!


They positively glow!



The stripes matching is as good as I could get…the dye isn’t completely regular as you knit through the ball, but they’re as near as damn it and I’m ok with that.

The pattern is my go-to Regia pattern and the yarn is Rico Design Superba Poems in colourway 002.

There’s not much more to say about these socks other than “shield your eyes!”  So I’ll leave you with one last shot of my husbands manly legs.

Steady, ladies!


4 Responses to Tropical Socks

  1. Jane G says:

    oh, wow, I love these, they look fabulous

  2. Wow, that wool is fabulous. The colours are so lovely, like a sunset. Lovely knitting too. Xx