Tin Can Knits Prairie Fire

We had a spot of sunshine at the weekend, so I grabbed the camera, the dog and the family, and, whilst we made the most of a beautiful autumn afternoon at the park at the bottom of the garden, Miss Button posed up a storm wearing her latest new sweater.

I’ve long admired Tin Can Knits for their wearable aesthetic and patterns that span a massive range of sizes.  You can knit for the whole family from some of their patterns that have a more unisex design.  I have many of their patterns in my Ravelry library, but haven’t knit one of them before.   I’m very glad that I finally got around to it!

This is Prairie Fire and comes in sizes 0-3 months to 59 inches.  Which is some seriously insane pattern grading, but makes the patterns fabulous value for money!  It’s also got the instructions for both short and long sleeves…I went long for this sweater at Miss Button’s request.

The pattern is exquisitely written.  Clear, concise instructions leave nothing to chance.  If only all patterns were this good!

Prairie Fire is a gorgeous design.  Knit from the top down, you start with the perfect neckline and the first of the tiny flame motifs.  As the sweater grows, the pattern gently swoops around to the meet at the back.

Garter stitch hems and cuffs match the neckline and add a nice counterpoint to the stocking stitch on either side of the flame pattern, and on the sleeves.

The flame pattern is simple, but, speaking from experience, it’s worth keeping an eye on the stitches as you knit, or you’ll be frogging back because you’ve missed a yarn over!

The finished sweater is just lovely.

I knitted this in an inexpensive cotton yarn from King Cole, simply because Miss B is growing out of stuff apace at the moment.  But if I were knitting this for myself (and I’ll admit I’m sorely tempted to do so) I’d be happy to splurge on the recommended Madeline Tosh, or something equally lovely, because this would surely be one of those sweaters you reach for time and again.

King Cole Cottonsoft is exactly that.  A soft, squishy cotton yarn that it delicious to knit with and is cosy with a lovely drape.  Just be aware that it pills like a beast, but I’m prepared to forgive it because it’s a beautiful colour and gentle against tender skin.

It’s perfect with jeans, as Miss B prefers to wear it.  But it would also dress up nicely with a winter skirt and boots for Saturday shopping and lunch.

Do you know, I may just be actually talking myself into knitting this for me!

Project notes:

Pattern:                           Tin Can Knits – Prairie Fire

Pattern cost:                   $7

Yarn:                               King Cole Cottonsoft DK

Colourway:                    Coral

Purchased at:                Black Sheep Wools

Total  cost:                      £15.96

8 Responses to Tin Can Knits Prairie Fire

  1. K-Line says:

    OMG – she is such little lady now! And that sweater is gorgeous. You must make it for yourself. I’ve knitted Tin Can patterns before and they are very good…

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      Ha! Don’t be fooled! She’s a horror! 😉 But she’s my horror….so it’s all ok!
      I’m really tempted to make it. Just need to get all of the socks in my stash knitted before I’m letting myself buy more yarn.

  2. Abbey says:

    Such a lovely sweater (for a lovely little lady at that)! The pink is really a great choice for showcasing the flame pattern, I think. =) I keep meaning to try a Tin Can Knits pattern–this one has to go to my Favorites as well!

  3. That is such a lovely sweater, I love the way the pattern continues round to the back. Lovely colour too! Miss Button is growing so quickly, you must be so proud of your beautiful daughter.

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      Thank you. It’s such a pretty pattern and looks so lovely on her. She is growing too fast for my taste!

  4. Miss Button looks adorable in that jumper. What a gorgeous design and your knitting is so neat. Such a nice touch that the intricate bit goes round to the back. It is a glorious colour on her too. That is great about the patterns size range. Definitely one to knit again. Xx

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      You’re so kind. I think my knitting is as rough as badgers! I do love this pattern….