The last word….possibly…and FO 20/2010

Ok, I guess that after all this time you’re glad the wedding is over!!!!  I know I am, but if I was ever to be stuck in Groundhog Day, that would be my day of choice.  It was just the most amazing day.

I can’t tell you just how wonderful it was….why don’t you mosey on over to Lawsons and check it out for yourself.  I can see a bajillion things I’d have done differently with the dress but it was much admired and I loved it, as did Mr S, so that’s all that counts really.

And yes, everybody did spend the whole day laughing and smiling.

8 Responses to The last word….possibly…and FO 20/2010

  1. Laura Lawson says:

    It was wonderful, and the dress was a triumph! Massive congratulations to you both x

  2. Peter Lawson says:

    I think your dress was amazing! Thanks for a fabulous day, and that food was to die for!

  3. pendlestitches says:

    Thank you both! We are blessed to have had you at the day…both as professionals and as guests!

  4. amanda says:

    Yvonne, you and your family are stunning! I just spent an age looking through your photographs and I think your day was just the most perfect ever. I love every single last detail but OMG that dress. So so beautiful. You are one super-stylish and clever lady. And your photographers have captured the day beautifully!

    I hope you all had the most relaxing time in Scotland and have enjoyed a wonderful start to married life. Congratulations to both of you! xxx

  5. Jane says:

    What a happy day to look back on. The dress was beautiful

  6. Oh my! You looked gorgeous and your dress was amazing.
    What an absolutely beautifully captured day…every single picture shows how wonderfully happy you all are. Congratulations on a lovely wedding and I wish you and your lovely family all the very best.

  7. mum says:

    It was a wonderful day. I cried about how loverly the dress was on you.and it was a magical day. Photos are a proof of that.
    Mum stitches.

  8. Linda says:

    What amazing photographs ! Your dress is absolutely gorgeous and worth every minute you spent sewing it….. and you look stunning,… absolutely radiant. I loved your hat !
    Button and little bro are beyond cute and Alice-who-is-definitely-not-a-cat looked fantastic in her deep blue dress. ……. very clever of you to match your hat and bridesmaid dresses to the colour of the church ceiling 😉
    May you and you family have much more joy to follow on this truly beautiful day. xx.