The Henny Pinny – FO 25/2011

Phew…all handmade Christmas gifts are done and ready for wrapping. I can’t share them yet but I’m really rather pleased with them.  One especially which is my own design!  Get me!!!!!

It’s too early even for me to be wrapping Christmas gifts just yet.  It spoils the fun of the season, I think.

But I’m now itching to get back to some dressmaking and have a couple of projects in mind just as soon as I can get some time in the sewing loft.  The Husband is away tomorrow night so I feel a bout of cutting out coming on!

In the meantime, as well as the gifts, I’ve managed to make myself a new apron in time for the Christmas cook fest:The Henny Pinny

Fabric:  Hen fabric is a linen mix bought at Festival of Quilts

            Black is a linen mix bought from Dunelm

Pattern: Copied from the apron I made recently for Black Purl.

Notions: Steam-a-seam for applique

Cost:  £15.

And that’s about it.  I think it’s cute and a new apron was definitely overdue. Whilst it’s not the most exciting project I’ve done recently, it’s certainly one of the most useful.

PS.Apologies for the grainy photo

It’s so very overcast and dark here at the moment.  I’ve had the lights on in the house all day.

Astonishing…what with it being November and all!



4 Responses to The Henny Pinny – FO 25/2011

  1. I love this! I want to make a pinny for a friend of mine but she is soooo tiny, I´ll either need to make a kiddy sized pinny or really scale down one of mine. I´m sure it won´t be too complicated. Can you believe I haven´t done any sewing yet since I got back apart from hems and taking up trousers? Shame on me! Love the fabric for this pinny, very cute 🙂

  2. PendleStitches says:

    Thank you…I’ve needed this for so long and it’s not tricky. I love cooking and a jolly apron like this makes it even more pleasurable.

  3. Carina says:

    Beautiful apron. I love the chickens, they are just gorgeoous