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12 days and counting

Greetings from the House of Crazy.

The last week has been a blur of activity.  The dress shell is finished…I’ll be working on the lining tomorrow.  The hall, stairs and landing have been painted.  As has the porch.  And we threw a supper party for Pa Stitches’ birthday yesterday.

We have finally finalised the menu with Northcote.  I’m so excited about the food choices….and Lisa is cooking for us.

Image courtesy of www.northcote.com

She’s cooked for the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall.  We’re  thrilled that she’ll be cooking for our friends and family.

Today I met with our photographers.  Pete and Laura are just the nicest people you could hope to have, and their photos are simply amazing.  They’ve been with us all the way on our journey to get to this wedding and have been gracious and patient with our constantly changing plans.  So, once the dress has been revealed to our family and friends, I’ll have lovely pictures to show you guys.  I’ll just keep you in suspense until then.

All in all, we are in very safe hands and by the end of this week everything will be in place….done and dusted.  Just in time for my niece and her family to arrive.  And for me (and the beleaguered Stitch parents who have been fabulous and caring for the kids whilst I’ve been sewing) to relax.

I’ve some other things to share with you just as soon as I get a few minutes to take pictures.  I’ll get to it this week, I promise.

The moment of truth

Today I basted the dress together.

Each stitch taking me closer and closer to the realisation that I really need to give up dressmaking and high tail it to the Trafford Centre to find something to wear for my wedding.

At just after 6 pm tonight I tied off the final stitch on the final seam.

The moment of truth had arrived.

Remembering what the dress looked like at the toile stage, I slipped it on.

Filled with trepidation I turned to the mirror.

My eyes filled with tears.


It is (if I can toot my own horn a little here) just a little bit beautiful.

The only thing I need from the Trafford Centre are shoes for the baby girls.

I’ve just finished sewing all the seams.  Tomorrow I shall remove the basting and press the seams to crisp loveliness.

I am a very happy, if slightly tired, girl.

19 days…

…and we’re making progress.

Yesterday  I spent a glorious autumn afternoon in the car listening to podcasts of Desert Island Discs and driving to the Midlands to meet Alice-who-isn’t-a-cat at a motorway service station for coffee and a fitting session.

The coffee raised no eyebrows.  I can’t say the same for the fitting session in the rather unpleasant ladies loos.

Thankfully the dress fits perfectly so we could escape very quickly.  But the sight of a tall brunette in a half finished satin frock and matching shoes was more than some of the other occupants could quite get to grips with.

Unfortunately, the visit was not without problems.

I discovered a stain on the front bodice.


Sewing gods, why do you try me so?

I’ve no idea what it is.

I’ve no idea where it came from.

So  today I removed the bodice (again) and cut another bodice front.  By lunchtime the dress was ready for hemming (I just need some ribbon and I can get that done), and I’d had the opportunity to add one more little “couture” touch to make it all look just that little bit better.

Instead of under-stitching the lining on the machine, I did it by hand, with a toning thread.  I love this detail!

And my dress?

I spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday of last week hand-stitching net and cotton lawn to 14 pieces of face fabric. Today I machined my first seam.  This feels like a corner turned.

I love how the layers of interlining give you a beautiful seam with no seam allowance “show through” on the right side.

I’m using a contrast zip just for an unexpected pop of colour.  It shouldn’t work, but it does!

And I just love a hand picked zip….so easy to do and you have absolute control over the thing.  Goodbye wiggly zipper. And you can hardly see the stitches on this duchesse.

Tomorrow I put all the dress shell pieces together.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Autumn is well and truly upon us in my little corner of the world.  As I’m typing this, on Sunday afternoon, the sky is cornflower blue lit by glorious sunshine and bereft of clouds.

It’s chilly, but only sweater chilly, and the kids are playing on their new little slide, which is keeping them out of the sort of mischief they got up to earlier in the week.

Extreme Home Makeover – Toddler Edition

My Belle Epoch roses are still pretending it’s summer, much to my delight

and whilst there are still apples on the tree

we have been picking them and making them into delicious, if rustic, crumbles with blackberries picked from the hedgerows.

The turning of the season heralds the high-speed approach of  That Bloody Wedding, and, despite all my protestations to the contrary so far, I’m starting to feel a little trepidation that the dress is still a pile of fabric and I’ve not even cut the pattern out yet!

Thankfully most of the other plans are falling into place.  I have something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a sixpence for my shoe.

I don’t have lingerie!  Or flowers.  But I do have cake.  Oh, and we’ve still to finalize the menu and wine.

We’re meeting with our priest on Friday and will have the hymns and music sorted this week.

The Ma’s have their outfits after a lovely day spent shopping in Manchester yesterday, along with a spot of lunch

We are making progress.  And this week marks the turning point.

My final exam for my current degree module is on Tuesday afternoon, and by next weekend I hope to have the alterations done to Alice-who-isn’t-a-cat’s dress.  Ma is cutting and sewing the toile for me this week so I can fit the dress next weekend and start cutting and sewing the following week.  I will have 4 mornings a week for three weeks where the munckins are with their grandparents, plus naps and evenings.  I should have no trouble getting the dress done in that time. Don’t you agree?

Now all I have to do is find the boy’s missing Croc (how do you lose a shoe in the house?  I have no idea), and my Gardener’s Journal book (same question applies), so I can continue with the stitcheries.  It’s driving me more crazy that I’ve lost these two things somewhere in the house than that  my wedding dress isn’t on the table.

It’s say’s a lot about me, no?  😉



Last weekend Mr S and I were chatting about what still needed to be done for That Bloody Wedding when a cold trickle of sweat dropped between my shoulder blades and a sickly feeling of horror crept over me.

I hadn’t sent out the invitations.

And we needed them back by the 31st August so we could confirm with Northcote how many bedrooms we’ll be needing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I know I’ve been a bit busy, but really.  Forgetting to send the invites is spectacularly dumb, even for me.

However, they are now out there, and the RSVP’s are coming in, with some delightful “yesses” from folks I didnt think would be able to make it.  Happy me.

So I thought I’d share a little of the invite with you as I had them hand-made for me by letterpress queen Jackie at Print for the Love of Wood.

The invitations themselves are letterpressed on cotton paper:

Front of the invitation

The inserts are printed, but in the same typeface.  We wanted them to be very informal, so included the following quotation, which speaks so clearly of our relationshipOf course, they wouldn’t be the same without reference to TBWJust for you, Pa!I cannot speak highly enough of Jackie.  I’m lucky that she lives quite close to me and she made me welcome in her home.  She also made the whole process of organising the invites an absolute pleasure.

Lady in Blue – FO 16/2010

I can’t believe that with everything else going on this year I’ve managed to make 16 finished objects.  I know compared to some people out there it’s not a huge amount, but for me…well I’m rather pleased.

Particularly as number 16 is the bridesmaids dress for Alice-Who-Isn’t-A-Cat.It looks nothing on the hanger but even the muslin looked great on her, so I have hopes.  I’m most pleased that I got all the darts and seams to match up.

Next, curtains for The Boy’s bedroom (the final pair in the house) then it’s the home stretch for my outfit.  And 1 French paper and 2 French exams.  Eeek!

Princess Bridesmaids – FO 14/2010 and 15/2010

No ROUS here, just two tiny bridesmaids dresses finished except for the hems.Just a sneak peek until November.  I’ll let the professional photographers do the real work!

To recap, this pattern is New Look 6881, the fabric is a poly satin from John Lewis and they’re lined with cotton for comfort.  I’ll hem them the week before the wedding to allow for little girls growing up.

On the table at the moment is a slightly larger dress (man, that girl has been working out!) dress for Alice-who-isn’t-a-cat.

That bloody wedding…again

Today Mr Stitch, Alice who isn’t a cat, and myself went to look at possible venues for our postponed wedding.

We had three appointments booked, but after visiting the second venue, The Gibbon Bridge, we phoned and cancelled the third because we simply couldn’t face it. Why?  Because we couldn’t stop laughing at the astonishing levels of rudeness we experienced.

I had explained quite clearly to the receptionist when I booked the appointment that we would only be a small party of a maximum of 40 during the day with possibly another 30 in the evening.  Unfortunately this information hadn’t been passed on to the obnoxious little man who met us to show us around the place.  I swear you’d have thought we’d asked him to eat his own liver when we explained this to him.  The additional 30 in the evening particularly perplexed him, even more so the owner of the venue, who had been dragged into the conversation because he was so offended by the prospect.

“Why would you want to do that?” she asked.

I sooooo wish I’d had a camera to photograph Mr Stitches face at that point. Alice who isn’t a cat nearly choked trying not to laugh and couldn’t look at me for the rest of the visit.

It didn’t get much better and we got out of there as fast as our little feet would carry us.

Thankfully, the first venue we had visited had been beyond wonderful.  A beautiful 1880’s manor house, a Michelin starred celebrity chef, exquisite decor, and perfectly pitched levels of service. Oh, and lets not mention the orange butter biscuits. We were enchanted and, in truth, had only gone to The Gibbon Bridge to confirm that we were making the right choice.

Obviously we were.

So we turned the car around, and still laughing, hot-tailed back to the first venue to place a deposit.

Image courtesy of weddingvenuesinlancashire.com
Image courtesy of weddingvenuesinlancashire.com

So, dear reader, I can finally confirm that on the 13th November 2010 I shall marry Mr Stitch at our local church surrounded by close family and friends, then we shall all head over to the private dining room at Northcote Manor for a fabulous foodie feast in celebration.

I can’t wait.  I’m beyond excited.

The wedding’s off…and Summer’s coming

We’ve postponed the wedding.  

This is such happy news and we are thrilled.

There’s a good reason for both the postponement and our joy.

She’s called Summer.  She’s 15 months old.  She’s our daughter.  

And she’s coming home in about 3 weeks time.

For once I am beyond words.   She is beautiful and we are blessed.

That Bloody Wedding

Just thought I’d sneak a quick blog entry to let you know I’m still here.  Not doing much of anything except socialising at the moment – such a hard life, I know.

But it occurred to me that the countdown at the top of this blog might raise a few eyebrows.
“That Bloody Wedding” ????????  What’s wrong with the woman????????
Well, here’s the skinny.  Mr Stitches proposed on Christmas Day last year.  How lucky can a girl get?  The wedding is the 24th October next year (expect to hear MUCH more about it over the coming months).  We are very excited and very much looking forward to the day, and the marriage that will follow.
But discussions about cake, flowers, venues, blah, blah, blah, inevitably cause Pa Stitches in Law to roll an amused eye and groan “Not that Bloody Wedding again”…..obviously before making a very clear argument for sticky toffee pudding for dessert and chocolate wedding cake!  
So it’s now officially know, very affectionately I hasten to add, as “That Bloody Wedding”.  It is, I assure you, all good.
And so I’m disappearing into the social whirl again for a few days but will be back with something sewing related very soon.   Have fun and keep warm.