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Christmas Yarn Gifts

I promised you a look-see at the yarn I got for Christmas, and as we’ve had a wee bit of sunshine today, I could take photos to share, so here we go.

The first of the 3 kits is the Breiwick hat by Ella Gordon from Kate Davies’ book Milarrochy Heids.

Image Copyright Kate Davies



Whilst I’ve been missing from this little corner of the blogosphere, I’ve been off doing ‘real life’ stuff.  Most of it has just been the minutiae of everyday life, coupled with a real drive to slow things down (not entirely successfully, but we’re making a start).

However, you may have seen on Insta that Dave and I managed to bunk off parenting for a couple of nights and zip up the motorway to the Southern Lake District for a bit of time just being Mr and Mrs.


Antiquing v. Gardening

Renovations have come to a grinding halt Chez Stitches.

My poor cousin/builder has had a grim time of it recently.  Firstly the tenants in his house absolutely destroyed it before they were, finally, evicted.  Understandably his number one priority is cleaning up a godawful mess and repairing the damage.

Then he managed to drop his motorbike at speed.  Thankfully he was thrown clear before the bike wrapped itself around a tree.  Small mercies and all that.

He’s fine but obviously otherwise engaged for a little while.

So on Saturday, as it was sunny, I figured it was time we started to tackle the weeds in the front garden. They were threatening some sort of military coup on the actual plants.  The Little Shop of Horrors wanted Audrey Jr back.

The husband had other ideas.  He wanted to go antiquing for tables for the sitting room.

Hmmmmmm….tough call!  😉

Grubbing around in the dirt…..or lunch and antiques.

You know which one won. This is what we scored.


First up, a vintage mixing bowl.  My old one of these had developed a nasty crack so needed to be replaced.   If you buy these in the fancy vintage shops they can cost you upwards of £45, but GB Antiques in Lancaster has a kitchenalia stall that always has a great selection at reasonable prices.  This is a big one and only cost £14.  Result!

Next a little telephone table that will sit on one side of the big sofa.


This is great little piece that needs just a little TLC – hello chalk paint – to really bring it to life.



And last but by no means least is the piece that set my heart beating just a little faster and which Hubby wouldn’t let me leave behind.  Love that man!

IMG_0923 IMG_0920 Singer_3

This beautiful table just begged to be brought home.  She now sits on the other side of the sofa from the wee table above, and is just the perfect piece for the sitting room. She makes me very happy indeed.

We are so close to having this room done.  I’m ordering the bookcases this week, need to remake the roman blind (the interlining has shrunk and pulled it all out of shape), paint the mirror to tone down the garish gold, and hang some picture.

It’s going to be lovely!

Apologies for the slightly blurry photos.  Mr was insisting I hurry so he could get the furniture in place before we had to dash out to collect the kids!  Not an unreasonable request, I suppose. 😉