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Flamingo Geranium Tunic Hack and leggings

This Geranium tunic is the 7th version of the Made by Rae Geranium Dress Pattern. I’ve made it as a baby gift, and Summer has, quite literally grown up in this pattern.

The pattern

This Geranium tunic is so simple it’s not even a real hack like the maxi dress was. On this occasion I was working with a limited amount of fabric again, only this time had the good sense to cut the bodice pieces first.

I then cut the skirt portion from what was left and this is the length I ended up with.

Too short to be a dress, although Summer isn’t convinced of that, and too long to be a top. So a tunic it is and we added some matching leggings.

The fabric

The fabric has been in the stash so long I cannot even remember when I bought it. But I do know it was from Fabrix in Lancaster, so I’m not losing my mind completely!

Fabrix is a super shop about an hour away from home. I don’t get to visit often enough, but it’s a labyrinthine treasure trove. The last time I visited they had a super range of boiled wool, and sell haberdashery and notions too.

When I went over to get the link for them to add in here, I see that they’ve added a new online shop to their website. The selection isn’t as extensive as their store stock, which is a shame, but hopefully they’ll keep adding more and get it up to speed.

The bodice is lined with an old pink pillowslip, so it’s very soft on the inside. The buttons are from deep stash too!

The leggings

As this ended up being a Geranium Tunic, not a Geranium Dress, leggings were needed to complete the look.

A quick trip to Abakhan yielded the perfect colour of jersey. You’ve seen what I did with the rest of it with my Coral Blackwood. But these cute cropped leggings cost about £2 and are the perfect match.

The fabric could do with a little more recovery – they get a bit bagged out with wear, but they look ok, and do the job perfectly.

The pattern is a free one, although I forgot to save the pattern so can’t find it again!

However a quick Pinterest search will find you loads of free legging patterns should you need one!

Yay or nay?

I’ve got to tell you I loathe this outfit. The reason this fabric has been in the stash so long is that I’ve been putting off sewing it in the hope she’d grow out of it. But she didn’t. And I’m committed to clearing the stash. So I just sucked it up and sewed it up. But it’s a nay from me.

Summer loves it! So I suppose its a yay from her. Which is really the important vote in the grand scheme of things!

And it’s totally a YAY! for the Geranium Dress pattern. Whether you make the dress, top, or a Geranium Tunic, it’s a winner. And I suspect it’s still got life in it a little longer. Great value for money!