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Jalie 2802 – Short sleeved dance practice bodyshirt

Jalie 2802 – Mens and boys skating bodyshirt

Jalie 2802 to the rescue again as Dylan’s old bodysuit was looking very shabby. But it had served a real purpose as this time now we knew exactly what he’s looking for in a shirt.

First up – definitely no poppers at the crotch. Secondly – short sleeves – dancing for 3 hours at a time is hot work. And I wanted to bring the neckline up a little bit.

What I changed

The first alteration I did was to attache the brief pattern pieces to the bodice pattern pieces so I could cut them as a whole front and back. I then added a half inch to the centre front seam to allow me to fit an invisible zipper.

I trimmed the allowance for the poppers from the crotch so I could just sew that as a seam.

And shortened the sleeve to elbow length – which is longer than the short sleeve in the pattern but a great look for dance.

And I added a bound neckline to encase the top of the zip to keep skin safe.

The confidence to mess with the pattern

What I’ve noticed in my recent sewing is a much greater level of confidence and willingness to mess around with a pattern to make it what I want. It’s not something I’ve had before and it’s snuck up on me. This shirt was a real turning point, and I’m also working on a pair of trousers for myself that I’m playing with before I cut a muslin.

I can trace this new found confidence back to the RayStitch pattern cutting course earlier in the year. Alice explained so clearly how to deconstruct a garment into its component pieces that a light bulb went off. I’ve still to draft a garment from scratch, but the knowledge is definitely filtering through into how I use commercial patterns.

Yay or Nay?

So….did my faffing work?

Absolutely. Dylan has thoroughly tested the shirt this week. We’re in the run up to the kids taking to the competition floor for the first time as a new couple. They’ve been racking up the practice hours. The shirt has stood up to the rigours of latin and ballroom without fail.

Dylan says it’s super comfortable and he’s been complimented on how smart he looks.

Definitely a yay for Jalie 2802, again!