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New knits for small people – Made by Ma!

Ma has been mighty busy with her needles.

Lovely new knits for the small peeps in our household have been turning up with delightful regularity.

I, on the other hand, have been a very lax blogger and all round bad parent by not photographing these lovelies in a timely fashion so I can share them with you.

So, in the time honoured fashion of buses, here they all are at once.

Pattern: Sirdar 2358

Yarn: Sirdar Aran

I love cables.  You might have noticed that cables pop up on this blog a lot.

I love our children in cables.

Add a red hood and Miss Cutie Button and it’s a perfect storm of knitterly delight.

And you can rock “Minxy” just as well as “Cute”!

Pah! Says The Boy.

I can do “cool dude” just as well as you do “Cute”!

Pattern: Sirdar Jolly Beachcomber Knits pattern number 2335

Yarn: Mystery yarn donated by my friend Liz.

Me…I think he looks like he should have a smallholding, with sheep and rare breed pigs.

Sigh…isn’t that perfect?

And this shot is just to remind myself that they’re not always beating the c**p out of each other!

More cabled loveliness for The Boy!

Pattern: Baby Bamboo Too Pattern G

Yarn: Patons Tropicana Cotton DK

He looks far too preppy and grown up in this one.  And it also evidences the recent growth spurt between the front and back being knitted and checked against him and the sleeves being knitted! Thankfully it’s not too short, but we’ll be making future knits just a bit longer.

Big thanks go out to Ma for such sterling work with the needles.


Especially as she’s going to add some length to the navy sweater.  

She’s the best!

And I’ve still a couple more knits to share with you, one by Ma and one that I’ve done. I’ll share these this week and then we’ll be up to date with all our recent makes just in time for KCWC!

Made by Ma! – Pretty Lacy Cardigan

The sun was out today so we went to the park to catch up on some photos of finished projects.

Button was far more interested in playing football with The Boy and running around making themost of the weather.

Who can blame her?

But I managed to snag a couple of snaps, which in the circumstances I’m sure you’ll forgive.

Whilst she might have been reluctant, for once, to pose for pictures, she wasn’t faintly hesitant in wearing her new Made by Ma cardigan.

The pattern is Paton’s Pretty Lacy Cardigan, free on Ravelry.

The yarn is Rowan Handknit Cotton in Ecru.

The lace detail is adorable.

As is Button.

Cuties in cream -Made by Ma!

Ma has been busy with the needles again.

This photo makes me smile because yesterday they were beating holes out of each other and screaming like banshees!

Both these knits are made in Patons Sorbet chunky in colourway Vanilla.

Button’s cardigan is Little Montoya from Kate Jackson Knits and you can buy it from Ravelry.  It has the most beautiful panel on the back which echos the edge of the sleeves and hems.

The Boy’s sweater is from the Snuggly Vintage book and is design H. The original pattern is for DK but Ma adjusted it for chunky yarn.

Perfect sweaters for cooler summer days…thanks Ma!

Made by Ma! – Sammy hoodie

It seems so long since I posted a finished object here…and this one isn’t even one of mine!

Ma has made Button this gorgeous and very practical hoodie:

It will keep your ears warm on the chilly spring days we’re having at the moment:

The cute ribbed sleeves make it sporty:

Pattern: Sirdar Play Days Book 4 – version: Sammy

Yarn: Sublime Soya Cotton DK – Shade 080

The weather here is wet and wild at the moment.  We snuck out in a rare sunny spell before dance rehearsals this morning to take the pictures.  The rain is closing in again and the wind is getting up…but Button doesn’t care because she’s snug and warm.

And I have a dress finished that I will photo asap and share with you.  Promise.

Keep warm and dry this weekend.

Little Lemon Lady – upcycled t-shirt and Made By Ma! sweater – FOs 10 & 11/2012

Button has two new additions to her wardrobe…both in lovely shades of lemon.

First up is a t-shirt I upcycled from one of Ma SIL’s t-shirts.

I cut the body and sleeves of this t-shirt utilising the existing hems.  I reattached the neck band to the neckline using a fancy stitch on my normal machine.  I constructed the t-shirt with a zig-zag stitch so although I have an overlocker and a coverstitch machine, I only used my ordinary machine to make this, which makes it accessible to everyone.

The pattern was drafted by me using one of Button’s existing RTW t-shirts.

It’s a simple but effective make and I have another 4 or 5 of these ready to go.

I’d be happy to do a tutorial on this if anyone is interested.  It would be easy to use the same technique to upcycle a man’s t-shirt for a woman as well.

To go with this new t-shirt, Button also has a lovely new cable sweater knitted by Ma.

The yarn is a cotton slub 4 ply that my lovely friend Liz gave us.

The pattern is from MillaMia’s book ‘The Close Knit Gang’.

Image courtesy of http://www.millamia.com/home.php

It’s the first pattern we’ve knit from this book and I don’t think it will be the last.  I’m keen to knit the cover jacket and there are several other garments that I’d love for both of the kids.  They are classic and wearable, not remotely twee and with an urban sophistication that I love.  They are the kind of things you’d pay an arm and a leg for in an upscale London boutique (if you’ve nothing better to do with your money and no crafty skills, that is!).

I this this colour looks fabulous on Button and this is a perfect duo for playdates when the weather is a bit unpredictable…as it has a tendancy to be in this part of the world.

Thankfully, she really adores both garments.  Phew!

Made by Ma and Little Sweet Peas cardigan – F/O 7/2012

Crikey it’s been busy here this weekend.

I’m getting the urge to completely redecorate the house.  Which is a crazy idea because a) I don’t have the time and b) I don’t have the pennies!

To compensate for this I coerced The Husband into helping me clear out all the crap which had been thrown into the eaves in the sewing loft and was giving me hives because I knew it was there.

We filled the boot of my car with rubbish!

And sent a full knitting machine ensemble over to Ma.  She knows how to use it and will put it to use until the happy day we can rip the loft out and re-fit it properly, with room for all knitterly and sewerly gadgets.

Today I cleaned.

And ironed.

And The Husband food shopped.

And the kids played fishing games at Nana and Grandad’s. And between us Pa SIL and I got us up to date with photos…so here we go!

First up is Button in her new stripy dress

I’m so cute…is anyone watching?
Who you calling minxy?

Beau then got in the act with his new Made by Ma sweater

“Hey! I thought this was my photoshoot! What’s he doing in it?”                                           ” Looking cool, little lady, looking cooooool!”

I have no idea what the yarn is for his sweater.  It’s chunky and it’s black and that’s about the limit of my knowledge.  It was gifted by a friend at my knitting group who was de-stashing (thank you) and it’s too cute on him.  The pattern is a vintage Patons pattern number 4611.

I keep expecting him to pull out a beret and start playing jazz!

And if that’s not enough cuteness for you I’ve also got pictures of Button’s latest cardigan.

I feel like dancing, ooh, dancing, ooh, dance the night away!

I’m being really rubbish here ‘cos again I couldn’t tell you for the life of me what that yarn is.  Its an acrylic/wool mix and super cheap and you can throw it in the washing machine!

The pattern is from the Sirdar Little Sweet Peas book and is design B.

It has some cute frilling at the hip.

I love this.  It’s a good basic cardigan and a quick knit.  I think I’ll make it again soon in some nice yarn.  And add some length because that girl is growing!

We’ve been out playing with friends today and these outfits have been much admired.  I need to make more of those dresses!

And finally… just because I’m a proud mummy and I can…here’s a couple of gratuitous shots of my adorable babies.

The Wedding Quilt…Made by Ma!

When we were planning our wedding Ma and I had several conversations about what she could give us as a wedding present.  As she only has her State Pension, The Husband and I were reluctant  for her to spend anything other than a token amount of money on us.

Ma, on the other hand, was adamant.  She was getting us something significant and special and hang the cost!

We hit a compromise.

Why don’t you make us a quilt?

Apart from the fact that you don’t have to shell out for it all in one go…it hits the mark in so very many ways.

:: It’s an original piece of art and I LOVE that.

:: Every stitch was Made by Ma with love.  A tremendous gift of love, time and effort.

:: It will become a family heirloom that can pass down through the generations.  A legacy of Ma’s incredible talent for our children and all the children to come.

:: It will keep us all warm!  A necessity when you live in the north of England! (Although, to be fair, I think this one would warm us through a Canadian winter!  It’s amazingly warm.)

And so, last night, after 14 months of incredible work by Ma, and on a suitably frosty night, The Husband and I snuggled down under this beauty for a cosy nights sleep.

The backing is the same silk as the curtains and the lampshades

This is a truly spectactular quilt and we are thrilled and grateful that Ma took all that time to make it for us.

Thanks Ma…we will treasure this more than you could ever imagine.

We love you.


PS.  She thinks it’s not that well made.  I’m thinking she’s crazy!

PPS.  It was still a significant amount of money! And a significant amount of work.   I tried!

PPPS. This was the mystery quilt project I’ve been working on.  Ma was losing the will so I offered to do the hand-stitching on the binding.  I love hand-stitching.  I’m odd like that.

New York Cardigan – Made by Ma

Ma’s been at it again.  She knitted me a Christmas cardigan and showed me that this is how lovely Aran weight cardigans should look.

The pattern is New York Cardigan by Erin Harper which you can purchase on Ravelry (of course…this is one of my favourite resources for knitting patterns).

The yarn is Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk Aran.

It’s so delightful to wear.  Soft and cosy and comfortable.

I love the detail on the front band:

Once again I prove I’m the luckiest girl in the world!

Funny story, though…I wore this cardigan yesterday to take Ma out for belated birthday coffee and cakes and to purchase fabric for her birthday gift.  We were sat having coffee and Ma got up to get serviettes.  When she returned she was laughing to herself.  She’d been thinking as she walked away from the table what a lovely cardigan I was wearing…only to realise it was the one she’d made!

Which goes to prove what I’m always telling her, that she is indeed a talented craftswoman.

A small quilt for a small boy – Made by Ma!

New Year’s Eve was Ma’s birthday and as is the norm we all gathered to wish her well and deliver her hugs and gifts.

I think she missed the point because she turned up with a gift for The Boy!

It’s too adorable.  We got the fabric from Festival of Quilts last year.  Each of the squares came ready cut so it was quite simple to construct (compared to the king sized double wedding ring she’s working on!).

The backing fabric co-ordinates with the face squares.

I wish I could tell you the name of the company I got this fabric from.  They were a French family…Maman designs the fabric, Papa prints it and La Fille runs the business side of it. They were absolutely darling and very charming when I butchered the French language whilst purchasing these fabrics.

If you know who I mean, please let me know.  I’d love to share a link with you. They do just the most adorable fabrics for children.

Edited:  I got a chance to nip to the loft and rummage whilst The Husband bathed the bairns and the company is Il était une fois….  I’m not being held responsible for any shopping you might do whilst on their site! 😉

And Ma makes the most adorable quilts.

Holden Shawlette – Made by Ma!

Another skein of stash yarn has been knitted up by my long suffering very kind mother.

This little beauty is the Holden Shawlette by Mindy Wilkes, which is available as a free download from Ravelry.  It never ceases to amaze me how generous designers are with their creativity.  

The yarn is unknown sock yarn from my ever diminishing stash.

This is a lovely shawl…I adore this shape as it wraps into a cosy but not too bulky scarf which has me looking forward to crisp autumn days when I’ll have the opportunity to put all of Ma’s hard work to very good use.