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Hand knits – pink stripy socks and a cardigan

Miss Minx has a style all her own! I love it and totally encourage her to experiment. If you can’t have fun with your clothes when you’re 11, you’ve no hope of enjoying them when you get older. Today she is rocking two hand knits. One from me, one from Grandma.


Polly Cardigans – Made by Ma!

I have something lovely to share with you today.

No….not Miss Button, gorgeous as she is.

The hot pink loveliness!

Ma has made not one, but two of these lovely cardigans for Button this summer. As well as the pink one featured here, there’s a white one too!  They’re such a super basic as they go with everything.  Sleeveless, short sleeves, long sleeves…yep…they’ll work.

It’s a great little cardigan for cooler spring weather, or the end of summer days when you just want to take the chill off of shoulders.  Or, even, layered over long sleeves on cooler days.

Can we talk about the little “pleated” frill along the bottom hem? Too adorable, no?

The yarns, being cotton, are machine wash and dry-able.  Perfect for a young lady who loves getting up to mischief and mayhem.

The white one recently had blackcurrant juice spilled down it.  A quick wash with a spot of bleach…et, voila…good as new.

I cannot recommend this pattern enough.  It’s a quick knit that results in a cardigan that gets worn again and again. It’s pretty without being twee, but grown up enough to make the heart of a 9 year old girl happy.


Project notes

Pattern:                           Polly from Rowan Kids

Yarn:                               Cotton…of some description!

Colourway:                    White and hot pink

Purchased at:                Black Sheep Wools

Total  cost:                     Who knows?

Fan-shaped bobbles – made by Ma!

The weather continues in its unpredictable vein, with 4 seasons in one day being the norm. The school holidays are flying by and the house selling/purchasing saga continues.

2016 03 31_Blue bobble sweater_0301_edited-1

So when we were gifted a warmish and sunny day last week, we hit the park for fun and photos.

2016 03 31_Blue bobble sweater_0283_edited-1

This is another great workhorse of a sweater from Ma.  The pattern is an old Wendy/Peter Pan pattern number 747.  The yarn is a mystery acrylic blend, which is perfect for mudlarks as it can be thrown in the washing machine and tumble dried if necessary.

2016 03 31_Blue bobble sweater_0262_edited-1

Slightly oversized but not sloppy this is a great shape for layering for warmth, with plenty of room for climbing and playing.

2016 03 31_Blue bobble sweater_0268_edited-1

2016 03 31_Blue bobble sweater_0269_edited-12016 03 31_Blue bobble sweater_0279

Cute fan shaped bobbles make the boxy shape more feminine.

2016 03 31_Blue bobble sweater_0300_edited-1

You can never tell with Miss Button if something you make for her will be worn to rags, or languish at the back of the wardrobe hardly worn.  This is one of the former. It’s her current go to sweater for playing out and park days and just generally keeping cosy.

2016 03 31_Blue bobble sweater_0292_edited-1

Children’s yoked sweaters – Made by Ma!

IMG_0107Oh this post is long overdue.  These lovely sweaters were knitted by Ma before Christmas and it’s now February!


I don’t care how twee matching sweaters are, I simply can’t get enough of these munchkins in these sweaters.  Too adorable for words!


Three colours of Drops yarn in each sweater purchased from Wool Warehouse. Drops is my new favourite brand of yarn for kids clothes.  Great quality and great prices.  And it washes up super soft.  Which is important in this house because Boy will not wear a scratchy sweater.  And, to be fair, who can blame him!

Maybe Ma will add a comment to let you know exactly which yarn she used.  I, for the life of me, can’t remember.


Patterns are David and Starshine available for free on Ravelry.


I cannot tell you how much I want a yoked sweater for myself!

And a bit more sunshine.  Our grey northern light doesn’t lend itself to midwinter photography.  These have been fiddled with in iPhoto to make them vaguely presentable.


But still….cute sweaters and cute kids will shine through however lacking the skills of the photographer!

New knits…Made by Ma

My friend Liz has a seemingly bottomless stash of mystery yarn, and every now and again she passes a bag to me to be knitted into something lovely for the kids.

Invariably I pass this yarn to Ma, and she works the magic with her lightning quick needles.

These two sweaters are no exception.

First up is Igor…a free pattern from Drops Design available to download from Ravelry here.

IgorSuch a cute pattern….cables and moss/seed stitch get me every single time.

Add in an adorable sea-foam yarn and my sweet little blonde girl, and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

igorThe matching hair clips were serendipitous.

igorThis yarn is soft and has a beautiful drape.  The sweater is just oversized enough to be slouchy and give some growing room.

IMG_0252_edited-1I know I’m biased, but seriously, could she be any more adorable?

And if that’s not enough…Boy got a new cardigan too.

IMG_0180_edited-1I love his this James Dean pose.  He cracks me up!

jolly beachcomberI also love this honeycomb cable.  This pattern is from the Jolly Beachcomber book that Ma has knitted from many times before.  If you haven’t bought that book yet, go an do it now. Please! We absolutely love the patterns and just keep going back to this book time and again.

jolly beachcomberThat smile!  I die!

It being the first dry day of the week we made the most of our trip to the park.

igor jolly beachcomberThe walled garden is the perfect place for high speed scooter races.

Cool dude!

Cool dude!

We couldn’t leave Carter at home.



And finished with a quick pit-stop at the cafe.

Those cheeks...sure sign of an impending growth spurt!

Those cheeks…sure sign of an impending growth spurt!


Matilda – Made by Ma!

I finally have something new to share with you.  Although it’s not one of my makes.

This is one of Ma’s!

It’s from the book Labour of Love by Vibe Ulrik Sondergaard.

Labour of loveThis is such a lovely book.  The pattern here is Matilda and the yarn is Rowan cotton.

IMG_9850_edited-1I love this rich cranberry colour on Button.  Especially at this time of year when she’s looking a little tired and pale.  It really perks her up (roll on the Christmas holidays and some time off school!)

IMG_9843_edited-1I also love how this yarn has beautifully crisp stitch definition which enhances the lovely textures of this design.

Where did she learn to pose like that?

Where did she learn to pose like that?

Ma knitted the largest size (a six I think) and we’re of the opinion the sizes run to the small side…but this still works perfectly for Button.  The only change to the pattern was that the neckline was very low so Ma added another repeat of the neck band in a single strand of yarn, rather than doubled as per the pattern instructions.

IMG_9826_edited-1As always, it’s a triumph!  Thanks Ma!

Got the blues – Made by Ma!

Oh, could my post titles be any cornier?

Ma has been busy with the needles again, so here are the last couple of knits for the kids for a while.  They are all set up for the summer…it being England, and all!  Not renowned for it’s glorious sunshine and soaring temperatures! You’ll see what I mean with these pictures…it was grey and rainy yesterday…and it shows!


You’ll probably recognise this pattern from last year. It’s Little Montoya from Kate Jackson Knits. Button had rapidly outgrown her cream version and it’s too pretty a pattern not to revisit.

IMG_8030_edited-1The Boy also has a sweater in the same yarn, Hayfield Bonus Aran.


I suspect this pattern is from the Jolly Beachcomber book.  I suspect Ma will comment if it’s not.

IMG_8039_edited-1I had the Devil’s own job getting these photos yesterday…they were both full of beans.


IMG_8009_edited-1And I’m not pointing fingers, but Daddy was stood behind me at the time…. 😉

Little Boy Red – Made by Ma

First up can I say a big thank you for all the lovely comments on the last post about The Boy’s surgery.  I cannot tell you how much they all mean to us and we’re hugely grateful for all the good wishes.

Thursday night he was more than a little miserable and he didn’t sleep much.  I got a lot of cuddles!

On Friday morning he was really freaked out by the fact that he could see two mummies, so we just stayed in our jammies and had a very lazy day.  At 8 o’clock he couldn’t even walk down the stairs.  By 3.30pm when we picked Button up from school, he was jumping off benches and balancing on kerbs!

I’m astonished at his resilience.

Today…he’s his normal ebullient self and is off visiting Grandma!

In his new red sweater knitted by her.

Pattern:  Jolly Beachcomber Knits, pattern number  2337.

Yarn: Hayfield bonus Aran

IMG_7943_edited-1Bless him…he looks like he’s gone a few rounds with Mike Tyson!  It’s hard to see from the photo but he has bruising on his forehead and cheek from the retractors, and the makings of a cracking shiner!

At the moment the eye looks a little “over corrected” too, but I’m assured that as the swelling goes down this will settle into place.  And he tells me that it’s a “little bit hurty but its ok because it will get better soon”.  I love that boy!


I simply cannot get enough of red garments for these kids…it’s a great colour on both of them! And the Jolly Beachcombers pattern book is fabulous.  We go back to it again and again.

IMG_7947_edited-1I am reliably informed that this is a “very nice sweater indeed”.

High praise from Mr Pickypants!

More cuties in cream – Made by Ma!

It’s bitterly cold still in our neck of the woods.  Button has been very brave venturning out in shorts for photos.  Thankfully Ma has been busy with her needles as they had grown out of pretty much all their knits.

First up is a little jacket that Button has had before.  She absolutely loves it, and this time Ma made it with long sleeves, so it’s even cosier.


Pattern : Sirdar 2358

Yarn : 80/20 poly/wool from Abakhan at £6.17 for a 400g ball

Much as I’d love them to be clothed in Madelinentosh all the time…these two are R.O.U.G.H. on their clothes.  This yarn can just be thrown into the wash and comes out as good as new.

IMG_7845_edited-1IMG_7849_edited-1The Boy was not to be left out…


Pattern : Sirdar Jolly Beachcomber  No 2334

Yarn : As above.  Thankfully as well as being resistant to small people, this yarn is also soft.  Boy is a whiner about wearing a sweater.  Unless it’s super soft it’s a no go.


IMG_7873_edited-2Thanks, Ma.  These are just lovely.

A whole lot of nothing except a cute cardi!

The thing about having nothing that you have to do, is that the temptation to do nothing is rife.

As there’s only a whole load of sofa surfing going on, I thought I’d share the most recent Made by Ma, which, of course, features cables.

What can I say…I’m a sucker for cables!

Cute.  No?

The Small Print

Pattern Book:  Patons Play Days Book 4

Design:  Harriet

Yarn:   Patons Cotton Tropicano DK

I will get my butt into gear soon.  Maybe.