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Sewing for your girls – review and giveaway

sewing fyg

Thanks to the lovely guys over at Tuttle Publishing I received a copy of their new title “Sewing for your girls” by Yoshiko Tsukiori, which is available in the UK from Amazon on  the 15th April 2015.

I decided to road test this book and the blouse I’ve been teasing you with is Basic Pattern #7 (catchy, no?) made up in Liberty Tana Lawn purchased from Washable Fabrics on Preston Market for a tenner.


This book is delightful.  There are 8 patterns in total, 7 of which has a basic and an applied version, which, as you’ve probably guessed, has a little more going on.   You’ll see from the photo above, which is the blouse I made, that using pattern #7 you can make an adorable blouse or a lovely summer dress.



As well as the patterns the book also has a wealth of clearly photographed advice to give you the best chance of getting a great result.


The patterns traced from printed pattern sheets that are stored in the back of the book.  A word to the wise….they don’t include seam allowances to do allow for that when tracing. Ask me how I know!!!

Given the chance I’d change a couple of things about this book, but they are only minor gripes.

So…to the blouse.  I really enjoyed sewing this one.  It’s beautifully drafted with facings to the front and armholes and bias binding to the back neckline.  The front ruffles and round collar add a sweet touch without being overly twee.  This is a good thing.  I’m not mad on ruffles but these hit the mark.

Button didn't want to do photos, so we decided that dancing was the only way forwards.

Button didn’t want to do photos, so we decided that dancing was the only way forwards.

I cut a size 120 for my 116cm tall 7 year old, based not only on height but chest measurements.


I couldn’t be happier with the result.


Button loves it too!

The details on this top are really quite lovely.


sewing_for_your_girls_9Gorgeous, no?

Now, if you, like me, have a very pernickety small girl to sew for then I suspect that you’d like a copy of this book too.  Good job I’ve got a couple of copies to give away, then! 😉

Edited to remove Rafflecopter and say…leave me a comment below to be entered into the draw!

Caribbean socks


I remember the days when I swore I’d never knit socks ever again.  They are long gone. The Mr loves a hand knit sock.  So much so that you can’t let him near a yarn shop unaccompanied.  We called into my LYS last week for a circular cable and a spool of sewing thread and spent £19.  Two large balls of sock yarn had somehow found their way into the basket.

Apparently his concern was that a couple of nights previously I’d had no knitting to do until I’d acquired said cable.  He couldn’t leave me without any knitting, could he.  What sort of a husband would he be!?!?

Yeah…right! 😉

Thankfully, I did finish the Caribbean socks just in time for Valentine’s day.  More good luck than good judgement I can assure you.

Jawoll magic

The yarn, you may recall, is Jawoll Magic.  It’s a bit of a pest to knit.  It’s kinda puffy, I suspect due to the nylon content, so I found it a bit snaggy on the needles.  That said, I used bamboo needles that were a little past their sell-by date so they won’t have helped.

Why yes, those stripes are perfectly matched!  How kind of you to notice!

Why yes, those stripes are perfectly matched! How kind of you to notice!

I would knit this again, but only because I’ve treated myself to some KnitPro Karbonz for sock knitting.

Image: Meadow Yarn

Image: Meadow Yarn

I’m not usually a fan of anything other than wood as I like quiet knitting, but I think for socks, the dpns take too much of a bashing and I need smooth.  I’ve got another pair of socks on theses needles as I speak.  One that is equally puffy and pesky.  It’s a joy.  These needles are divine…and not overly clicky!  I’m seriously contemplating replacing all my needles with them.

The colours are wonderful.  The greys make the aqua and blue really pop!

The colours are wonderful. The greys make the aqua and blue really pop!

The pattern, as always, is my favourite vanilla sock pattern from Regia.  You can find it free on Ravelry here.

Apologies for the crinkles...I've been trying to get a photo of these for weeks but had to hide them from him when he went back to London.  these are freshly dried but not blocked!

Apologies for the crinkles…these have been drying over a radiator.  Sacrilege I know, but I’ve been trying to get a photo of these for weeks.  He will insist on wearing them as often as I can get them washed and dried,  so I had to hide them from him when he went back to London.  

A very pink hat….Snowtracks Hat by Timothy Peters

I’ve been long overdue a new hat.  In truth I’ve shivered at the school gate too many days this winter wishing I had a cosy covering for my head and ears.  But like many other things, it’s been added to the bottom of the “to do” list and left to languish unattended.

So, when Himmelbjerget gifted me some exquisite pink yarn for Christmas, I knew immediately it would be a hat.


But still I procrastinated.  Which hat would it be?  I spent more time than is probably healthy scouring Ravelry for the perfect hat.  In the end I plumped for Snowtracks Hat by Timothy Peters for Stitch Nation.


This pattern is lovely.  The cable section is easily followed, especially as I put a stitch marker between each pattern repeat, which makes a world of difference.  You can quickly see where in each repeat you are, and save a lot of time working backwards and forwards in your head counting stitches.  Thanks to my friend Liz for that tip…it’s a gem!

The only problem I encountered was one that I couldn’t have foreseen.  Although I used the same weight of yarn and the yardage told me I had plenty of yarn….I didn’t!


I ran out 3 rows into the crown shaping.

I tried the hat on….and looked like a Smurf in a pink hat.  It was way too long. I like my hats snug not slouchy. So I did the happy dance, ripped it back to the right length, started the crown shaping about 10 rows earlier, took a few rows out of the crown shaping and ta dah!  It fits perfectly, with just a yard or two of yarn to spare.


Simples! The pattern is very forgiving of tampering knitters.

I look tired...bronchitis and a chest infection will do that to you.   Trust me...this is better than I looked yesterday!

I look tired…bronchitis and a chest infection will do that to you. Trust me…this is better than I looked yesterday!

And the yarn…, the yarn is oh, so wonderful. It’s Yarn Garden Aran in Purple Flowered Rock Rose, and it is sublime.  Soft and squishy in the ball.  Smooth to knit. The needles positively fly through it and the stitches dance through your fingers. Densely saturated colour flecked with speckled nuggets of tweedy contrast. And yes…it’s that pink in real life. I’ve had the devil with these photos as the yarn is blowing the colours out completely. It’s totally joyous, both to knit and to wear.


I was so sad to finish knitting, but am so happy every time I look at this or pop it on.


I want to knit this yarn again…now!

Alfredo Gloves

Finally my first finished project of the year. I’ve been holding off sharing these gloves hoping I’d get a chance to photograph them on my lovely hand model…but time has been against us, so flat photos it is.


It seems my love affair with colour work knitting continues.


The pattern, Alfredo Gloves by Suzanne Stellard, free on Ravelry, is lovely for newbies to colour work…just two colours and a very simple pattern repeat that I found easy to remember…and I have a brain like a sieve!


These were so simple, in fact, that I ended up knitting them with one strand of colour in each hand for the first time.  I was thrilled to not only be able to practice knitting Fair Isle, but to also have the chance to build a new skill.  Result!


The yarn was gifted to my by my friend Himmelbjerget, and has sat in my stash for far too long.  But you know I’ve been obsessed with clearing stash over the last year and I’m much happier that I finally knitted this and have mitts rather than just very pretty yarn.

The yarn is Eskimimi Twingles in the Flutter colour-way, but sadly all links to it seem to be broken so I’m not sure if she’s still making it.  Which would be a shame, because it’s a delight to knit and the colours are just slightly variegated and wonderfully saturated.

IMG_0236 - Version 2

That said…these will knit up nicely in any number of pretty 4ply yarns, so what are you waiting for? 😉