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The Henny Pinny – FO 25/2011

Phew…all handmade Christmas gifts are done and ready for wrapping. I can’t share them yet but I’m really rather pleased with them.  One especially which is my own design!  Get me!!!!!

It’s too early even for me to be wrapping Christmas gifts just yet.  It spoils the fun of the season, I think.

But I’m now itching to get back to some dressmaking and have a couple of projects in mind just as soon as I can get some time in the sewing loft.  The Husband is away tomorrow night so I feel a bout of cutting out coming on!

In the meantime, as well as the gifts, I’ve managed to make myself a new apron in time for the Christmas cook fest:The Henny Pinny

Fabric:  Hen fabric is a linen mix bought at Festival of Quilts

            Black is a linen mix bought from Dunelm

Pattern: Copied from the apron I made recently for Black Purl.

Notions: Steam-a-seam for applique

Cost:  £15.

And that’s about it.  I think it’s cute and a new apron was definitely overdue. Whilst it’s not the most exciting project I’ve done recently, it’s certainly one of the most useful.

PS.Apologies for the grainy photo

It’s so very overcast and dark here at the moment.  I’ve had the lights on in the house all day.

Astonishing…what with it being November and all!



Café crème Sorbetto – FO 23/2011

I know that pretty much everyone else in Blogland has made one of the lovely Sorbetto tops from Colette, but in truth I wasn’t completely convinced it was a shape I could carry off.  And everyone else’s was so amazing I didn’t want to let the side down.

However, I took the plunge and made this one from that lovely café crème fabric of unidentified fibre composition purchased from Abakan.  I knew I had enough spare from the dress I’m planning to make and as the fabric was really quite inexpensive I could afford for this not to be a huge success.

I needn’t have worried – it seems it does work for me after all.

And I’m much happier with it than my face would suggest in that picture!

In my defence I was trying to squeeze a quick photo shoot in before breakfast, which I could smell cooking and was more than a little distracting.

“Cooked breakfast” I hear you ponder.

Why yes.  The Husband and I have been away for a couple of days.  More on that later.

But back to the Sorbetto.  I like it so much I’ve got a second one on the table now.  Hopefully it will be finished fairly soon.


More cosy – FO 21 & 22/2011

Obviously I couldn’t leave it alone with the woolly raspberries to Winter.

And I did have some of the green Artesano aran left.

So I made these:

Woolly Wormhead Propello
Sherwood Mitts by Ashley Knowlton

These are gifts…sharing the woolly love…and you can find the patterns on Ravelry.  Of course.

Oh!  And that’s the last of the green.  Thankfully!

PS. I’ve now made more things this year than I did last year.

And the year ain’t over yet.

And I’ve got two more things to share.


Lancashire Skies – FO 19 & 20/2011

Hey, Winter, you can’t fool me.

I’ve lived in Lancashire most of my life.

I know these balmy days heralding the onset of Autumn won’t last.  That unceasing rain and high winds will follow and that will just be the start of it.

I know that come January then you’ll jump out from behind a tree with a resounding “Boo” of snow and negative temperatures.

Well, I’ve got to tell you, Winter, this year I’m ready for you!

You may scoff at me wearing the biggest woolly hat in the world in September. Or at me wilting slightly under the all encompassing warmth of that scarf.

But I tell you now, Winter; I’ll have the last laugh.  My ears shall not freeze this winter.  Oh no!

And I’m going to tell anyone who’ll listen that they too can keep cosy warm. They just need to knit Urchin by Ysolda and Breathless by Linda Lunn from Knit and Wrap.

I’ll also tell them that they can get both of these out of 2 balls of Rowan Big Wool Fusion in colourway 06 Soot.  And they can easily knit the two of them in a day.  Or a couple of evenings.  Even if they are painfully slow knitters like me.

So, Winter, we’ve got you licked this year.

PS.  I call this set Lancashire Skies because more often than not that’s the colour of them.  

Although today they are clear blue.  

Just to prove me wrong.

Whitfield – FO 17/2011

Finally!  Pictures of the elusive Whitfield jacket.

The Husband absolutely loves this jacket.  And it’s been worn quite a bit since I finished it.  Just never when I’ve had a minute to take a half decent photo.

To recap, the pattern is Whitfield Jacket by Knitspot.

The yarn is Freedom Spirit Chunky by Twilleys of Stamford. The colour is 808 Dignity.

And whilst I made a mini-me version using a different pattern:

you can now get a junior version of the Whitfield from Knitspot!

image courtesy of www.knitspot.com

Just. Too. Cute!





Something Lacy Shrug – FO 16/2011

Whilst I had planned to use the last of the green Artesano aran to knit Fairhope, it quickly became apparent that I hadn’t nearly enough yarn left for it.

A hastily organised Plan B yielded this little lovely:

Something Lacy Shrug is designed by Vera Sanon (of SunFunLivingKnits) and is published by Cascade Yarns.  You can download it for free from their website.

Despite needing to cast this on about 20 times, that was definitely user error as this is a nice simple pattern that is very easy to follow.You just knit a rectangle, sew up the sides a little to create tiny sleeves, then pick up and knit the ribs.

A quick and satisfying project that is great for using leftover yarn.

Although I still have enough of this left for a hat and mittens (it feels like the neverending stash of green yarn).

Guess what’s on the needles at the moment?

Burda 8/2009 121 – FO 21/2011

This skirt reminds me why I love Burda patterns and why I’m glad I’ve lost enough weight to use them again.

Top is Phase Eight RTW – on sale at the moment

I had to make minimal alterations to this skirt…just added a little to the waist and a couple of inches to the length, and away I went.

The fabric is from my stash.  I bought it from The Cloth House about 4 years ago.  Hazarding a guess I’d say it’s an 11oz denim. I wish I’d bought more of it as it’s just lovely.  Both to sew and to wear.  After all the tricky fabrics I’ve been sewing of late, this was an absolute treat.

I love the details of this skirt:

The first waistband I’ve ever made that actually matches up – result!

Fabulous shaped seams and fly zip

Back pockets shaped along the yoke
Arrowhead top-stitching at the top of the rear vent
A flash of Tilda cotton print at the fly and also lining the pockets

Whilst this looks like a fairly complex pattern, it’s actually really quite straightforward to make.  If you take your time.  But I’ve already covered that topic this week!

I referred to this book for the fly zip instructions:and it’s the most professional zip I’ve ever inserted.  These are just fabulous directions. I heartily recommend them.

I know both the skirt and the new top are a little snug…but I’m back on a healthy eating kick and the weight is slowly coming off again, so this was a deliberate decision to ensure that I can wear these for quite some time to come, even as I get slimmer.

So, all that’s left to say is that I’m thrilled with this outfit and really enjoyed wearing it today.  It seems all that slow sewing really paid off.

Mini-me. Simple hooded cardigan – FO 15/2011

Despite the current complete lack of enthusiasm for picking up a needle in any shape or form I managed to sew up The Boy’s latest jacket, made from leftovers of Mr S’s Whitfield Jacket.

The pattern is 70038 Simple Hooded Cardigan from Lion Brand Yarns.  I sized it up one size from the largest on the pattern as I didn’t want quite such a shrunken look.  I also added a collar rather than a hood so its more like his daddy’s jacket.

I love this.  He looks so like his daddy in this cardigan.  Beyond adorable.

He’s very pleased with it and runs around saying “jumper, jumper”.  Although its forecast 25 degrees today, as I type its still cool enough to wear your new jacket to play on the deck.


You win some…you lose some. FO 15/2011

Butterick 5216

When I scored this pattern from the lovely Clio I had just the fabric in mind from my stash

It should have been a match made in heaven, and to be fair the finished top is really lovely.

But it’s just not me.

So much so that I’m not even bothering photographing it.

I like the top but not on me.  It will very much suit a friend of mine, so it’s going to be parcelled up this week and sent off to a new home.  One where it won’t just sit at the back of the wardrobe in a forlorn fashion, but will actually be worn.

I know I should be really miffed that this didn’t work, but I’m chalking it up as all part of the learning process.  I’m still trying to work out what styles are good on me and even though this style and fabric just didn’t cut it, the top is well put together so my sewing skills are developing.  All good stuff.

However, I have had a win this week

Loving her new dress

This used to be a skirt of mine that was just too big after the weight loss.  Amazingly the little Chloe cardigan already in her drawer matches perfectly.Again I utilised the skirt lining to line the dress.

I’m so pleased with this. I love these little dresses.  They are so simple to make and look so cute on her.  And they’re modest, which a lot of RTW clothes for little girls aren’t.

So the stash is dwindling, and next up is a pair of black trousers for me. This weekend I’ve been sewing up Mr S’s Whitfield jacket and blocking 3, count ’em, 3 shawls knitted by Ma from my stash yarn.  Photos to follow.

Another Multnomah – FO 14/2011

Following the untimely demise of the last Multnomah scarf I took it upon myself to knit up another one.I’m not completely sure what the yarn is but I suspect it could be Biscottie & Cie Plume fingering in Foret Boréale, but don’t hold me to that!  And it’s dark here today so the colours aren’t as vibrant as they are in real life, even though these are taken in natural light without flash.  Imagine them being about, oh, 100% more intense. Lovely.

BTW – I do like this pattern.  Its the scarf equivalent of the little Chloe cardigans I knit for Button.  Very straightforward and easy to knit.  I do recommend it!