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Lucy in the Sky – FO 6/2010

Lucy had her first outing today, so we grabbed a quick snap before dashing off to the garden centre.

Sorry for the picture quality at the moment.  My little camera has been in the wars and it shows.  One of these days I’ll have a digital SLR, but the garden needs landscaping first!

Anyway, back to Lucy.  As you know the pattern is by cosmicpluto knits and is knitting in Phildar Oxygene in Flanelle that was in my stash.

I really like this pattern.  If I’d had a little more yarn I would have added a couple of inches to the length as I’m taller than the average bear at 5 ft 8, and I like to wear my knits a weeny bit longer.  But as it was I only just managed to eke the cardigan as it is out of the yarn that I had.

And whilst there are a bajillion other patterns I’m itching to knit, this is one that I can see myself coming back to as it’s a great basic shape.  It also lends itself to playing around with other stitch patterns…maybe a cable or two or a bit of a lacy panel.  Who knows?  I’ve got socks to finish first!

Comfy Cables scarf – FO 5/2010

Pattern:     Comfy Cables by Gina Bonomo on Ravelry

Yarn:          Teeswater Yarn from Higher Gills Farm knit two strands together

This has just been a lovely simple knit.  The yarn is soft and cosy. I’d definitely recommend both yarn and pattern.

Finished project – blinds

That squeaking noise you can hear is me.

The blinds for the hall and landing are finished.

The one in the picture is the hall…it’s twin is at the landing window.

The fabric is from John Lewis.  The blinds are lined and interlined.

I only have one small blind for the small bedroom and a matching pair of curtains, then I’m done.  Done, I tell you! All the windows in the house will have curtains and/or blinds.  There’ll be tiny blind to do in the loft when we remodel up there, but that’s going to be later in the year so I don’t even have to think about that now.


ooooooooooooooooh warmth!

Well, it’s been an absolute bear of a project, but finally the kitchen door curtain is finished.The hand-made pole is nothing short of wonderful.

I’m so thrilled with it.  Pete at Siddington Smithy is a craftsman and I found him a delight to do business with. Amazingly, the pole cost less than a mass-produced one would have done. It really shows that we should support independent craftsmen when we can.

So, the kitchen is all but done.  We need pictures and to do something with the dining table (paint or replace…not sure which), but neither of those are urgent.


Our next project is to clear some space in the loft.  I’m planning to cull books and fabric and yarn.  Anything I can’immediately assign to a project, or which has sat there for years, is going to be either sold or gifted.  I don’t have the room and time has moved on, as have my requirements and taste.  It’s time the be ruthless.

The reason for this determined approach is that Mr Stitch is moving up into the loft to share my space with his home office space.  Hmmmmm!!!  Not sure how that will work, but if he’s naughty I have lots of sharp implements to poke him with!!

And the reason Mr Stitch is invading my space moving up to the loft, is so we can revert what is now his office back into a bedroom.

More painting, blinds and curtains, then!


And finally a knitting update.  Miss Maddy is almost done.  I’m on the last sleeve.  I haven’t knitted a stitch on the Lucy cardigan at all this year, despite the lovely new needles.  Just focusing on getting projects finished one at a time.  Hopefully Miss Maddy will be done soon.

Have a great weekend.  I’ll be the one hidden under a pile of rubbish yarn/fabric/books/packing boxes.


PS…as of this morning the weight tracker is accurate again.  My post Christmas/snow fever/jeepers-I-hate-this-wretched-door-curtain-so-I’m-off-to-eat-chocolate extra pounds have gone.