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The last word….possibly…and FO 20/2010

Ok, I guess that after all this time you’re glad the wedding is over!!!!  I know I am, but if I was ever to be stuck in Groundhog Day, that would be my day of choice.  It was just the most amazing day.

I can’t tell you just how wonderful it was….why don’t you mosey on over to Lawsons and check it out for yourself.  I can see a bajillion things I’d have done differently with the dress but it was much admired and I loved it, as did Mr S, so that’s all that counts really.

And yes, everybody did spend the whole day laughing and smiling.

oliver + s birthday party dress – FO 19/2010

Whilst the fabric for my wedding dress languishes in a bag waiting patiently to be sewn (soon, my lovely, soon) I have tarried with other projects, namely the oliver + S birthday party dress.

image courtesy of www.oliverands.com

I’ll admit that I was reluctant to spend quite so much money on a pattern, but rationalised that if I traced it off I could get a few year’s use out of it, which in my head made it so much more reasonable priced.  I’m very glad I did.

Sorry for the rushed on-the-bed-before-we-dash-to-nursery photos


The pattern is lovely.  Printed on sturdy paper with clear markings and wonderful instructions, it shows what can be achieved with patterns if you take the time and actually give a crap about your product and your customers.

Big 4 take note!!

Sadly the same can’t be said of the fabric, which is a hideous but practical polyester that is washable but simply refuses point-blank to hold a pleat!  I made a size 2, but would make the next size up next time to give her a little more growing room.  And I’ve lots of the fabric left, so will probably draft a new front without the pleats to use this up.  They are the perfect dress for nursery.

Button loves the dress, despite the failings of the fabric, and I love the pattern.  I see more of these in our future.  Just not in nasty polyester!!!!


Park Life Sweater – FO 18/2010

Five weeks and a bit to go to the wedding and still the dress isn’t started.

I have, however, finished Button’s latest sweater, just in time for the temperatures to really drop.  We call it the Park Life Sweater as it’s perfect for playing out in the park on crisp, sunny autumn days.

Or for just bouncing!The yarn is the very inexpensive, but machine washable Hayfield Bonus Aran….£7.49 for 400g and I still have loads left.  I’ll definitely be using this yarn again for kids knits.

The pattern is a Debbie Bliss from this book, which I’ve had for years but you can get on Amazon.I love this sweater.  It’s a mindless TV watching knit and so practical.  Button is thrilled with it. This is the first knit I’ve made for her where she’s understood what I’m doing and she’s been so excited.  She even “helped” me knit a few stitches, to the absolute delight of both of us.

Next up…I’ve got some gorgeous yarn for a sweater for me.  I shall wind some balls and share with you soon.

My final exam is next Tuesday and then I’ve just alterations to Alice-who-isn’t-a-cat’s dress, and hems for the three bridesmaids dresses and then I’ll start mine.

As I’m still losing weight…it’s a good job I’ve waited so long to start otherwise I’d be doing major alterations now.

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it!!!!!!!!  😉

Winter Flame scarf – FO 17/2010

Although I’m ridiculously busy Chez Stitches at the moment, what with kids, the alternative French summer school for my degree course, the small matter of planning a wedding and just generally making sure there’s a shirt in the wardrobe for Mr S for work and a meal on the table at appropriate times, I’ve also managed to finish the Winter Flame scarf.

I’m amazed!

It’s actually been unceremoniously dumped in the workroom for a couple of weeksBut today I managed to finally block it.Although I’m most definitely not a process person, I’ve really enjoyed the actual knitting of this.  The yarn is delightful and the pattern simple.But I suspect I’m going to enjoy wearing it, it all its pointy perfection, even more.

Currently on the needles is a sweater for Button.  I’ve done the front and backs.  I have 8 rows to do to finish the first sleeve.  I think I’ll get it done in the next week or so, so pictures will follow soon.

Lady in Blue – FO 16/2010

I can’t believe that with everything else going on this year I’ve managed to make 16 finished objects.  I know compared to some people out there it’s not a huge amount, but for me…well I’m rather pleased.

Particularly as number 16 is the bridesmaids dress for Alice-Who-Isn’t-A-Cat.It looks nothing on the hanger but even the muslin looked great on her, so I have hopes.  I’m most pleased that I got all the darts and seams to match up.

Next, curtains for The Boy’s bedroom (the final pair in the house) then it’s the home stretch for my outfit.  And 1 French paper and 2 French exams.  Eeek!

Princess Bridesmaids – FO 14/2010 and 15/2010

No ROUS here, just two tiny bridesmaids dresses finished except for the hems.Just a sneak peek until November.  I’ll let the professional photographers do the real work!

To recap, this pattern is New Look 6881, the fabric is a poly satin from John Lewis and they’re lined with cotton for comfort.  I’ll hem them the week before the wedding to allow for little girls growing up.

On the table at the moment is a slightly larger dress (man, that girl has been working out!) dress for Alice-who-isn’t-a-cat.

Another Chloe – FO 13/2010

I had planned for this to be a quick post with a quick snap as this is the third Chloë I’ve knitted for Button…this time in Debbie Bliss Eco, which is a delight to knit with.  Will I ever tire of this pattern.  It’s almost too cute. But there is little else for me to say about it.

But, as I was sewing in the ends and crocheting the little tie strings, something else occurred to me.

Button and The Boy were both asleep in bed.  Mr S and I were watching a film with a glass of wine to hand.  Just a perfectly ordinary evening Chez Stitches.

Until I realised that I was the umpteenth woman in our family to be replicating this scenario in some shape or form.

Ma Stitches knits, sews clothes, quilts and embroiders.  She’s even been known to crochet on occasion.  My maternal grandmother was a whiz with all needles. Even as an elderly woman, with almost no sight, she crocheted by touch alone. That’s three generations to start with.

Three generations of women sat of an evening creating a tiny garment with care and love for the small person sleeping above their heads.

For my mother it was a financial necessity.  For me it’s about creating something a little different.  Either way the same amount of time, effort, skill and love goes into the garment.

I remember some of the amazing creations that Ma came up with.  Some of them hysterical on reflection (the big fluffy snowman sweater that I know she sat up into the small hours of Christmas morning to finish for me).  Fabulous horse’s heads on long, warm sweaters to wear with jodhpurs and boots on a cold winters morning at the riding stables.

As the years past the patterns became more elaborate and intricate, and yet still the traditional birthday or Christmas sweater awaited me under the tree.

So, as I pinned the little Chloë out to block, I remembered these sweaters and the effort that had gone into them (Ma worked more than one job…she didn’t have the luxury of being a stay at home mother as I do).  I remembered the pleasure they gave me and the pride I took in them.  And I realised that my small efforts in creativity join me to the women in my family, as well as to all the women in the community at large who knit and sew and create for their homes and their families and their selves.

I am proud of these connections.

Most of all I’m grateful to my mother and my grandmother for paving the way for me and laying the foundations of the skills I have today.  And as my niece begins to explore her creativity with a sewing machine and an embroidery needle, it seems I’m not the last woman in our family to tread this path.

Traveling Woman – FO 12/2010

Liz Abinante’s Traveling Woman is complete and I’m thrilled with it.

Here’s some of the detail.It’s just scrumptious and a lovely pattern to knit.

Next up, yet another Chloë cardigan for Button, this time in red Debbie Bliss Eco.  AND I’ve made the toiles for the tiny bridesmaids dresses.  This afternoon I’m having a bash at dying silk for Plan A bridesmaids dresses.

Wish me luck!

Wellie warmers – FO 9/2010

Don’t tell Button I let her Daddy put his feet on the table.  She’d be extremely disgruntled!  Anyway…back to the socks.

You’ll recall the pattern is from The Knitting Man(ual) and the yarn is Superba Print.

All in all, I’m pleased with these socks other than they are a little loose around the foot, even though I knit them to the gauge in the pattern..  If I was making these again, and I may use the pattern with a different stitch, I’d use a size smaller needle to get a slightly tighter gauge.

That said, Mr S is pleased with them and feels they are the perfect sock for wellies and walking boots, so I’m pleased too.


Blindz for boyz – FO 7/2010

The boy’s room has been looking more than a little Spartan of late.

This week Mr S put the cot bed and chest of drawers into the room.  We won’t mention the Mystery of the Missing Cot Bolts.

Today I’ve ordered the mattress and bed linen. And hung a blind:

There is a toning pair of curtains to be made (the last pair for the house…huzzah!), but until I find a pole that matches the furniture, they are on hold.  I can’t say I’m sorry not to be sewing them at the moment.  I’m beyond bored of making window treatments.

The fabric is from John Lewis (of course) and I love its cheerfulness. However I never cease to be amazed at the difference 1.5 m of fabric and a little stitching can make to a room.