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Whilst I’ve been missing from this little corner of the blogosphere, I’ve been off doing ‘real life’ stuff.  Most of it has just been the minutiae of everyday life, coupled with a real drive to slow things down (not entirely successfully, but we’re making a start).

However, you may have seen on Insta that Dave and I managed to bunk off parenting for a couple of nights and zip up the motorway to the Southern Lake District for a bit of time just being Mr and Mrs.


Flamingo legs (and a denim jacket)

Whilst the husband, Dave, has always been a big fan of the hand-knitted sock, the rest of the family is starting to get in on the act.  Most recently, the lovely Miss Summer.

As she’s growing like a weed at the moment, I decided to go with a tube sock.  With no heel, not only are these a ridiculously simple knit, they also last longer as she grows.

These are knitted from the toe up, so although they’re simple, it was a new technique for me.  Not a difficult one at all.

And as you can see from the pictures, these are well worn.  Summer absolutely loves them and is clamouring for another pair.


To complete the flamingo love, I embroidered the back of a store bought denim jacket for her.

I didn’t have much choice.  Whilst we were out shopping she said how much she loved the jacket, but that it would be so much better if only it had an embroidered flamingo on the back.  And that would be something I could do for her, wouldn’t it?

You can’t argue with a 10 year old!  She’s got the skills of a Hague lawyer, that one!

Project notes:

Pattern: Tube Socks For Kids by Jane Richmond
Pattern cost: Free
Yarn:    Jawoll (not sure which one)
Colourway:  Pink
Purchased at: No clue!
Yarn cost:  Who knows? Who cares? 😉

Embroidered Squirrels

Over Christmas I simply couldn’t have knitted or sewn to save my life.

The whole family was down with a flu bug, and whilst we all rallied for The Day long enough to open gifts, cook the delicious meal cooked by The Hubby, and sip a therapeutic glass of prosecco or 2 (or 3!), the rest of the holidays was spent doing some very serious lounging about and recuperating.

Thankfully, I’d recently purchased a delightful embroidery kit from Jenny Blair on Etsy.

I can’t even remember where I first stumbled across Jenny, but when I saw this design I was entranced.  The two squirrels that live at the bottom of our garden (whom we’ve named Fred and Ginger, of course!), are an endless source of glee, and this just seemed the perfect project for our home.

Jenny was a joy to purchase from.  The design is screen printed onto fabric, all ready to sew, but the colours she had on her site didn’t go with our decor.  A quick convo and she’d found the perfect fabric and we were good to go.

Shipping was so prompt and I had embroidery thread and a hoop in my stash.

So I was all ready to go when the lurgy hit, and a little quiet stitching was all I could muster.

This design in done in four simple, basic embroidery stitches and is easy to make up, even if you’re a beginner.

Once completed I just re-stretched the fabric in the hoop, secured with magic tape, and taped a circle of felt to the back, ready to hang.

It’s so sweet and I’m really pleased with the result.

The making of Chanel’s FW15 collection…..swoon!

With the estate agents coming tomorrow to put our little house on the market I have no sewing of my own to share.

I think this is a wondrous substitute.


project fatigue

I have project fatigue.


On the right of this picture are the 29 completed Hello Kitty embroideries for Button’s quilt.

On the left, the 13 still to do.


I cannot find the words to explain how bored of hot pink Kitties I am.

And how grateful I am that Ma will be doing the rest of this quilt.

And how excited Button is at the prospect of a quilt full of hot pink Kitties…which, in truth, makes it all worth while.

Good grief…I finally finished something! FO 01/2013

Ok….it’s not like it’s nearly the end of February or anything.

What…it IS nearly the end of February!  And I’m only just posting my first finished item of the year?  And it’s not The Husband’s shirt?

What is the world coming to?

I’d better just shush and show you the goodies.


This is the Necessities Sampler from Little House Needleworks.

I’ve got a very soft spot for samplers and really love Little House designs. Remember the Home of a Needleworker pincushion?

home of a needleworker

It’s by the same designers.

‘Necessities’ is just a little bit special, though, as Alice-who-isn’t-a-cat bought me the threads for it last year.

IMG_7178_edited-1I’m kicking myself that I didn’t get pictures last week when the sun was shining.  Today the skies have reverted to their usual state of leaden greyness that makes everything look a little gloomy. The second picture shows the colours more true to life.

Hey ho…not even grey skies can spoil my happiness with this little sampler. One day, when my sewing room is renovated (in some distant Utopian future ;-)), this will hang in a little burr walnut frame in pride of place.

Until then…I have buttonholes to make!

Learning to sew

Today I have my great-nephew over for the day whilst my niece moves into her new home.

The boys are playing reasonably nicely together and Button is surplus to their requirements.

Ma is also here cutting out a toile for a top.

Which gave me an idea for an occupation for little girl hands.

An embroidery hoop.

A darning needle.

A scrap of calico.

Bright pink embroidery floss. (Of course!)

A lot of concentration.

I wasn’t allowed to help.

I’m particularly impressed with that lovely herringbone stitch!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if she carried on in this vein?


Blimey, is it the 6th July already?

Time flies when you’re not doing anything!

Well, I have been doing stuff but not much of it has been sewing or craft related.

Except for Saturday.  Ma, Niece, Himmelbjerget and me all skipped off to Patchwork Chicks for a day learning how to do North Country Quilting.

For the uninitiated NCQ is wholecloth quiltingand I’ve wanted to learn to do this, like, for For. Evah!

Saturday was the first day of a two day workshop and we spent the day learning how to design our quilt and draw the design on the cloth.


Drawing on the cloth.

With a pencil.

Scared me half to death!

But, by the end of day one my design was well under way

I know the pictures are a bit dark but its the only way to get the pencil to show up!  Technology eh!  Or could it just be my lack of skill?  Who knows.

Anyway, on the 16th we’ll be back there again to learn how to do all the stitching, then its up to us.

A perfect project set up for autumn evenings on the sofa.

Another slow project.

Not one I’ll be finishing in July, but I’m thrilled to be starting it.

Also starting in July is my cushion project.  One of my goals for 2011 is to finally get some cushions on the sofa, but it’s taken me ages to decide what I want them to be like.  And I’ve finally decided.  The first 4 will be about 18″ or 20″ with hand embroidered monograms in the centre.  One for each of us. The designs come from this book that I received for my birthday (wow, my kids and husband are great)and I’ve already transferred and made a start on the first one

So far, so slow, so good.

This is where I make a pledge.

“I, PendleStitches, hereby do solemnly swear that by the end of July I shall have completed the black slim legged trousers.”*

I will.  For sure.

And the cream cardigan.

And maybe a top.

But I’m not pushing it!

So watch this space.

What sewing/knitting/stitching have you got planned for July?

*Note I didn’t say which year ! LOL.  Only kidding!

Sneak peak of our Mother’s Day treat

On Saturday I’m treating Ma to a day at a bag making workshop at The Patchwork Chicks in Barrowford. Obviously it would be rude of me to expect her to go on her own, so being the selfless individual I am, I’m sacrificing my day to go with her.

Hang on whilst I take my tongue out of my cheek!

We had homework to complete prior to the day.  3 stitcheries which will feature on the pockets of the bag.

A slightly squint-eyed owl

A squirly dragonfly


The fabric is from the Maison de Garance range by French General for Moda.I just love this colour palette.

I think we’re going to have a lovely day.  I’ll report back.

Pulling the weeds

This is it.

The final stitchery for my A Gardener’s Journal quilt.

I don’t think much will happen on the quilt top for a while as I have much dressmaking to do as I continue clearing the stash.  I have the next 8 projects in my head already, so I’d like to get on with those.

I’ve also got two knitting projects on the go, so I think that’s enough to keep me going for a while.  But this quilt will be finished this year.

For sure.