Socks for Father’s Day

For some time now Pa Stitches-in-Law has been eyeing up the socks I’ve been knitting for The Husband and dropping some not very subtle hints about having cold feet.

Knowing that he wanted a pair for himself, and that he’s the same sock size as hubby, it was a complete no-brainer to make him a pair for Father’s Day this year.

Last weekend he and Button finally took some pictures of said socks for me to share with you.  So without further ado….

The yarn is lovely but it’s impossible to stripe match so I won’t be using it again.

For this pair I unwound the whole remaining ball and still couldn’t make it work.

Unmatched socks drive me unreasonably crazy but I’ll be sad not to knit this again as the socks are lovely and wear really well.  If unmatched stripes don’t bother you then I heartily recommend the yarn.

Thankfully Pa isn’t remotely bothered and absolutely loves his new socks.  He’s now angling for a second pair.  How many weeks until Christmas???????

Project notes

Pattern:                             Regia 4 ply sock

Pattern cost:                     Free

Yarn:                                 Debbie Bliss Rialto Luxury Sock

Colourway:                      11

Purchased at:                  Black Sheep Wools

Yarn cost:                         Sssssh….it’s a secret!

4 Responses to Socks for Father’s Day

  1. Tialys says:

    They are great but it would bother me too. Luckily your Pa in Law loves them and that’s the main thing.

  2. Kim says:

    The Management couldn’t understand why I was winding out yarn to try and match sock striping. Maybe all men are the same? The socks look good anyway.
    And regarding how many weeks until Christmas – not enough!

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      Hubby get’s it now, but for the longest time gave me the oddest looks as I pulled yards of yarn out.

      I’m always grateful that I don’t make masses of gifts at Christmas, mainly because my friends are all makers so they invariably get supplies and most other folks have no concept of the work that goes into something handmade, so I don’t bother!