Simple socks

I’ve been intending to get The Husband to model these socks but the weekend got away from us, so I’ve photographed these socks sans feet.  It might be for the best 😉 !

3 socks 1From top to bottom the yarn is:

Arauncania Ranco Multy 322

Drops Fabel Uni Colour in Red

Arauncania Ranco Solid  2065

The Drops socks are super soft and the red really is that vibrant.  He loves them.  The Arauncania socks are a more tightly spun yarn and, I suspect, will be more hardwearing.

I used my usual Regia pattern…the one that they give away for free.  It’s a really good, simple, straightforward sock pattern that fit’s himself perfectly.

I’ve also got the heel turning completely cracked.  It’s a thing of beauty:

3 socks 2The Multy yarn comes up with a lovely spiral stripe:

3 socks 3It could be considered quite a bold colour choice for a chap’s sock…but he’s happy and that’s good enough for me.

Amazingly I’m down to one lot of sock yarn in the stash…worryingly it’s for Argyle socks.  I’m plucking up the courage to make a start on them.

In the meantime the needles are occupied with my Aislinn cardigan.  Yep!  I’ve finally cast that on.  I’ll review Amy Herzog’s Custom Fit very soon.



10 Responses to Simple socks

  1. Beautiful socks, the red ones do look very soft and the colour is wonderful. Sock knitting is very satisfying, I love seeing how the patterned yarns develop as you knit them.

    • Evie says:

      Patterned yarns are (almost) always a lovely surprise. When I grow up I want to be able to knit the stunning socks you make. 😀

  2. Those socks look this biz. Love the colours. Are heels difficult to turn? There looks like there is a lot of knitting in a sock.xx

    • Evie says:

      Socks are remarkably meditative, because for most of it you’re just knitting round and round. The heels aren’t tricky at all…you just have to keep count. I have a worksheet that I made up for the socks I make all the time and can just tick off each row of the heel and toe so I don’t lose my place. Honestly, they are super easy and a ridiculously portable project…which is why, after swearing I’d never knit socks, I more often than not have a pair on the go!

  3. Helen says:

    Love the colours!
    I’m doing my first pair with a ‘short row’ heel. First one not so great and need to improve on second sock!
    If I can’t master it I’ll go back to turning the heel.

    • Evie says:

      Thank you. I do think heels just need practice. And you get such a feeling of accomplishment with a beautifully turned heel, no?

  4. Kim Hood says:

    They look wonderful 🙂

  5. Vicki Kate says:

    I’m glad your getting a chance to knit! How’s Husband getting on with the new job?

    • I’m doing more knitting than anything else at the moment! He’s a happy camper, thanks for asking. We’ve got his company all set up and all the legals done and he’s enjoying having a project that he can really get his teeth into.