Sew Me Something Imogen Top – wearable toile

The Sew Me Something Imogen Top has been on my sewing list for what seems like forever.  And as I’ve a few lengths of pretty prints in my stash that are perfect for this top, I decided to make a quick toile to see what it looks like and fits like.

Fit is still a massive challenge to me, but for this top I decided to compare the measurements to a RTW blouse that gets heavy rotation.  Although the fit on the RTW blouse isn’t perfect, it’s still good enough, and it’s one of my favourite wears.

Taking some measurements from the RTW blouse, I decided to cut a straight size 20 and added 4″ to the length.  I’ve made no other adjustments to the pattern.

As you can see, it’s come up a bit long.  I will go back at some point and chop probably a couple of inches off the length.  That’s an easy enough fix and due to me being overly cautious – you can always shorten but it’s tough to add length once you’ve cut.

The bust is the problem area.  You can see drag lines pointing clearly to the bust, indicating that although, theoretically, this top fits around the circumference, it does need a full bust adjustment (FBA) to make it hang nicely.

I like the gathered neckline and elasticated cuff.

All in all, I really like this top.  It’s an easy wear and, although it’s been very shoddily sewn, as it was intended only to be a toile, it’s had several outings and a compliment every time it’s worn.

Construction wise, it’s simple enough, apart from the placket.  I couldn’t get my head around the instructions, but that could just be user error.  I’ll let you know the next time I make it.

For the next iteration, I’ll go do an FBA and the shorter length, and see what I end up with.  If it’s half as wearable as this toile version, then I’ll be a happy sewist!

Project notes

Pattern: Sew Me Something Imogen
Pattern cost: £16.00 (£9.00)
Fabric:    Blue print poly
Purchased at: Birmingham Market
Fabric Cost: £3.00 ish.  Not very much at all.
Photographs by Miss S. Jones iPhone 8

14 Responses to Sew Me Something Imogen Top – wearable toile

  1. Sue Taylor says:

    I think the length is fine. I like slightly longer tops as they hide a multitude of sins 😊
    The top looks great on you, so I can see why you get compliments when you wear it xx

  2. Tialys says:

    Very nice indeed. Love that fabric.

    • Evie says:

      The fabric is such a lovely design, and although it’s poly, it’s the weighty stuff that feels nice to wear.

  3. Marianne says:

    Lovely top and I like the length!

  4. Love it and I love your shoes too! I made a top the other week and had exactly the same issues with the placket…had never come across one quite like it and it was most challenging!

    • Evie says:

      The shoes are good old M&S! Couple of years old now, but I love them. Super comfy!
      Plackets are a pain, I think. Practice is the only answer.

  5. Fiona M says:

    I really like it too, the length looks perfect to me. Beautiful!

  6. Kim says:

    It looks good – and if you have enough circumference for bust+ease it sound as though you only need to add length for the FBA.
    Enjoy wearing that top, and I hope the next one is perfect for you 😃

    • Evie says:

      I’ve never heard of doing that. I’m going to do a little research on it! Thanks for the tip.

  7. K-Line says:

    Evie – you look adorable! Love that cute fabric.