Newlook 6217 – my first TNT

This post is so overdue it’s ridiculous.  And it’s all been hanging on photographs!  Yesterday Summer agreed to take a couple of quick snaps as I was wearing my favourite of these tops, so here we go, at last.

I’ve already covered the fitting changes I made to this pattern here and, I’ll be honest, I’m still wearing that top on a regular basis, despite it’s imperfections.  It fits better than pretty much anything I’ve bought from a shop and is great to throw on when I’m running around the house with a pair of jeans doing chores.

I have, however, since then made 4 other versions, with varying degrees of success.  The success or failure of the finished garment has been purely down to fabric choice.

First up my favourite. This is a lovely sheer, lightweight cotton that has almost a cheesecloth texture to it.  The print is delicious, and it’s cool and lovely to wear as we head into warmer weather, but also a great layering piece with a cardigan for us women-of-a-certain-age!

The fabric is from deep stash and was gifted to me by my friend Christian, who is a seamstress with impeccable taste!  I’m glad I’ve finally got this one in my wardrobe and its in heavy rotation.

Second favourite is another fabric from deep stash, which I purchased yonks ago from Abakhan.  it’s a printed cotton jersey, and it’s my favourite for when I just need something comfy for dog walking or housework.  Love this top and it proves that this pattern is great for knits as well as wovens.

The first of the unsuccessful tops is this one.

The fabric is from the wonderful Stone Fabrics in Devon.  I bought this on holiday a couple of years ago, so again it’s good to get it out of the stash.  I’ve checked their site and the don’t seem to have any of it left.  Which is a shame because the fabric is beautiful, and the print is lovely.

Unfortunately I look like an extra from the Walking Dead in it.  It’s a really bad colour on me.

And finally is this lovely blue print.

Which is all the colours that look amazing on me.  But the fabric (a bargain bin purchase from Abakhan for very little money) is awful.  And clingy.  And just plan old nasty.

So I can happily say I’ve now got my first TNT pattern.  It’s such a useful little top I’m sure to make more.  However, on the sewing table at the moment is a Harris Tweed waistcoat for Dave, and the Imogen top in its second iteration with an FBA.  As the kids are back at school next week, I’m hoping to get some sewing done on both of them.

12 Responses to Newlook 6217 – my first TNT

  1. Fiona M says:

    Fantastic! I love all four of those. I have that pattern in my stash too, and hadn’t thought about making it in a knit – genius. I may well give it a whirl this week, as I am meeting pals and we have set a challenge to sew something new and wear it to lunch!

    • Evie says:

      I hope you got this made! It’s such a quick sew and a cute top! I don’t even bother with the neck binding. Just turn and sew!

      • Fiona M says:

        I did! I whizzed it up this afternoon in a lovely piece of jersey from my stash. That neckline is soooo wide though! I needed to make it in the biggest size to accommodate everything, but ended up slicing a large wedge off the shoulder seams to remove about 4.5 inches from the massive neck hole. I also lengthened the bodice by 3 inches, and omitted the centre back seam.

        • Evie says:

          I’m so happy you got it done. The neckline is wide. I have linebacker shoulders and it’s wide on me. But I ignore brastrap flashes as it gives me the illusion of having a neck! 😉

  2. Tialys says:

    It’s great when you find such a useful pattern that you can make up in a jiff – mine’s the Colette Sorbetto, despite the last one ending up in the bin :/
    Shame about the Stone Fabrics top but it does look as if it would be a very difficult colour to wear.

    • Evie says:

      I haven’t made the Sorbetto in ages. It’s a super pattern and really easy to tweak for different looks. Also its a good one for treating yourself to some lovely fabric as it doesn’t take much!

  3. What lovely tops. It is such a shame that the last two were not a success as the fabrics look lovely. I do like the print of the last one. The one in the top photo looks absolutely gorgeous on. Congratulations on finding a proper TNT pattern. Xx

    • Evie says:

      Thank you.
      I’ll admit I’m gutted about the blue one because the print is gorgeous. But the fabric is vile! 😉

  4. Kim says:

    You’ve got to love a TNT pattern. Yours looks good! Sad about the ‘fails’ as they look lovely 😞.

    • Evie says:

      It’s all a learning curve. And the stash is coming down so that’s all good. I’m packing stuff off to the charity shop this week as my kids insist on growing. The two shall go too! Someone else might like them.

  5. Jane says:

    Yay, so pleased you’ve had the same success with this pattern that I have! Like you, I found them a godsend in warmer weather (from another woman of a certain age, 😉) and had varying degrees of success with different fabrics. I think good quality, light, drapey fabrics work best – sadly my Liberty lawn one didn’t work so well as it was a bit too crisp. Hadn’t even considered making it with a knit fabric so thanks for that tip too. It looks great on you Evie, hope you make lots more! x

    • Evie says:

      You were my inspiration for this top. I so love your versions.
      I also love that although we are very different shapes, this top is cute on both of us!
      You’re so right about the fabric choices. Light and drapey are the best, and I’m so over poor quality fabrics, I can’t even tell you! 😀