Newlook 6024 – Review

Yet more flamingos for Miss Button.


A cute summer dress that looks like polka dots from a distance but gives you a happy surprise close up.


It fastens with a side zip and cute halter neck.  Elastic at the top of the back keeps it snug and modest. And no pattern matching is required!


Most importantly….it has the twirl factor!


I was astonished to get Miss B into this dress today.  She’s been really reluctant to wear her handmade clothes recently.  However we finally got to the bottom of it this weekend (thanks Nana!).

A girl at a school party had commented that she looked “awkward” in this dress!

They’re 8 and already the mean girl stuff starts!  It’s horrifying and heartbreaking. She’s already having confidence issues, but this is the second time this particular girl has said something thats knocked her sideways.  Last time it was that Miss B is “fat”. Please feel free to insert your own expletive at this point.  I did!

Sadly the girl’s mother isn’t remotely engaged.  School keeps a tight rein on unpleasantness, but still it sneaks through.

As someone who was bullied hideously at school I’m trying to arm Miss B with the tools to fight this nonsense.  And reminding her how beautiful she is…inside and out, how individuality is to be cherished, and how the people who love her love her for the amazing person she is.  Anyone else’s idiocy doesn’t count in our family.


Thankfully, she’s got enough personality to bounce back, as these outtakes show.



This is her “rock chick” pose and face. Often accompanied by air guitar!

These are the Miss B we know and love.

Project details

Pattern:                             Newlook 6204

Pattern cost:                     £2.98  (on half price sale)

Fabric:                               Cotton flamingo print – John Lewis

Fabric cost:                       £10/mtr – I used 1.5 mtr.

8 Responses to Newlook 6024 – Review

  1. Tialys says:

    ‘Awkward’? – what a funny word for an 8 year old to use in such a context. Bullying seems to be a rite of passage everyone has to go through at school – to a greater or lesser extent -but it’s heartbreaking when it happens to your kids and you feel so helpless. I hope Miss B doesn’t let it get to her too much – tell her from me she looks fab in her dress – the other girl is probably jealous.

  2. Karen says:

    She looks stunning and so confident. Long may it continue. A beautiful dress for a beautiful girl K xXx

  3. Kim Hood says:

    Girls can be so cruel. As another person who was bullied at school I know how good it is that she has your love and support at home.
    She looks fabulous in her dress, and her photos show spirit. She’ll be ok.

  4. Susan says:

    Oh! That must be heartbreaking to deal with. I wish you and Button the best in working through it! And she looks magnificent in her lovely dress. ❤️

  5. Oh what a worry, thank goodness she has you to steer her through this. I love her in this dress and flamingoes are so “in” this summer! Miss Button you are a beautiful young lady, listen to your wise mum!

  6. Button is beautiful and she looks fabulous in her dress. Maybe the other girl is a bit jealous that you make Miss B such lovely things? Saying that though there is always one little b***er and they can really knock your confidence at that age. I am so glad that Button has the strength of character not to let it get her down. Sprogzilla is getting a bit of a hard time of it at the moment (new school, etc.) so I can really emphasis. Growing up is hard. Xx

  7. sophie says:

    poor Miss B! and how happy I am to be out of this terrible age when people can say mean things to you so easily. Thank goodness as adults, we don’t have to deal with it as much, but I think we still struggle with mean words addressed to us when we were kids/teens – these nasty words can leave a great impression.
    As for the dress it’s really cute and both the fabric and the pattern scream ‘summer’ to me 🙂 well done!

  8. K-Line says:

    It is OUTRAGEOUS that anyone would comment on Button in that way (though I know kids can be totally shitty). The worst part is that the mean girl is probably being this way as an outcome of her own tremendous insecurity. But that’s no excuse. Button is incredibly lucky to have sane, caring parents who know how to encourage her confidence – which is highly warranted on every level. She will be fine. FWIW, I found this time frame in my own kid’s development to be fraught with difficulty. The whole junior-school girl thing is frankly horrifying.