Martian Rainbow Socks – Must Stash Yarns

I know this is turning into a blog about socks, but , Oh! this Martian Rainbow colourway!

You know how I love a good matching stripe, with a bonkers good colour story. This yarn from Must Stash Yarns has it all going on!

Obviously I used my vanilla sock pattern from Regia. Big surprise there. But seriously, what was I to do? This yarn is everything, and cried out for a simple sock to show off the stripes.

Now, before you get all excited about my exquisite stripe matching skills, let me let you in on the secret. The work is all done by Stacie at Must Stash. She has ALL the stripe matching skills! And this yarn has a wee surprise when you unwrap to skein to wind into a ball for knitting.

It’s actually two skeins. That wind up into two perfectly matched balls. So you’re guaranteed to make a perfectly matched pair of socks!

It’s absolute genius!

Now this yarn isn’t cheap. It’s $35US for a pair of matched skeins. Add on shipping and tax and these are spendy socks. I’ll admit to lusting after this for quite some time before pressing the purchase button. After all, it’s a risk buying yarn online, at that price point, without getting your grubby little mitts on it.

But I can tell you its Worth Every Penny.

I didn’t want this project to end. Not only are the stripes delightfully fun, and gloriously bold in their almost fluorescent colours, but the yarn itself if joyous! It’s 75/25 Merino/Nylon, and soft as clouds without being splitty and difficult. I knit it on KnitPro DPNs, and it behaved perfectly on the needles as I sped through the rows.

If ever a yarn was knitting itself, it’s this!

I know that this is a luxury pair of socks, but its good to know that I’ve got a go to for perfect stripes and something special for gift socks. If it’s in your budget, I highly recommend you give Must Stash a go!

PS….they do sweaters with stripy arms too!

PPS….Must Stash don’t know me from a pair of knitting needles. I paid for this yarn, and obviously, all thoughts about it are my own. Although Dave absolutely loves them too!

4 Responses to Martian Rainbow Socks – Must Stash Yarns

  1. Fiona M says:

    Wow! They are fabulous 💙

  2. Kim says:

    I’ve always envied your perfectly matched sick stripes as I just knit as it comes. More effort needed from Hood! I might just about manage it with this brilliant idea – but yrs, very spendy.

    • Evie says:

      They are spendy, but so lovely I really don’t mind. Not the sort of yarn you can knit every day, but lovely as a treat now and again. Both for the knitter and the recipient!