Lancashire Skies – FO 19 & 20/2011

Hey, Winter, you can’t fool me.

I’ve lived in Lancashire most of my life.

I know these balmy days heralding the onset of Autumn won’t last.  That unceasing rain and high winds will follow and that will just be the start of it.

I know that come January then you’ll jump out from behind a tree with a resounding “Boo” of snow and negative temperatures.

Well, I’ve got to tell you, Winter, this year I’m ready for you!

You may scoff at me wearing the biggest woolly hat in the world in September. Or at me wilting slightly under the all encompassing warmth of that scarf.

But I tell you now, Winter; I’ll have the last laugh.  My ears shall not freeze this winter.  Oh no!

And I’m going to tell anyone who’ll listen that they too can keep cosy warm. They just need to knit Urchin by Ysolda and Breathless by Linda Lunn from Knit and Wrap.

I’ll also tell them that they can get both of these out of 2 balls of Rowan Big Wool Fusion in colourway 06 Soot.  And they can easily knit the two of them in a day.  Or a couple of evenings.  Even if they are painfully slow knitters like me.

So, Winter, we’ve got you licked this year.

PS.  I call this set Lancashire Skies because more often than not that’s the colour of them.  

Although today they are clear blue.  

Just to prove me wrong.

8 Responses to Lancashire Skies – FO 19 & 20/2011

  1. Jane says:

    ol, definitely been the colour of the skies here until the last couple of day, with the temperatures to match

  2. Very nice – not too much use for knitwear like this in Andalucia, but when I go back to the UK to visit I feel the cold even more now so like to make a little stash of things like this to take with me!

  3. Rose says:

    You are ready for winter in style!

  4. These make me wish I did knit 🙂 They look great o you.