Refurbishments continue apace. Being badly let down at the last minute by a plasterer turned into a blessing because the new guy we found is a gem.  He came, he plastered, he hung coving, he went.  He didn’t talk me into a coma, which has been my previous experience of plasterers. Already the house feels more like our home.

At 9am on Monday the decorator arrives.  I have boxes of wallpaper and tins of paint up the wazoo.  I’m starting to feel more than a twinge of excitement.


I hadn’t realised how much I would miss being able to sew.  At the moment I walk into the room and touch the boxes and twitch to open them and unpack.  The truth is I don’t exactly know what is actually in the boxes.  There are books and patterns and fabrics and notions that have been packed away for the best part of 18 months.  There are supplies for knitting, dressmaking, crafts and embroidery.

Honestly….it’s going to be like a satellite branch of Hobbycraft with a more than a little John Lewis thrown in!

I can’t wait.

But in the meantime the knitting is keeping me sane.

malabrigo_1I wound this beautiful Malabrigo Rios worsted a little while ago, whilst the sun was still shining, but the yarn is perfect for the chill that has settled in these parts.


I’m knitting the Worsted Boxy sweater from Joji Locatelli.


You’ll recall her lovely Lemongrass sweater…this is another beautifully written pattern.

Admittedly, there are acres of stocking stitch to work, but this is mindless TV knitting at it’s absolute finest. The Malabrigo makes a wonderfully drapey fabric that will work beautifully with this style, and there is a cute short row shaping at the shoulders that adds a nice detail.

The back is already completed and I’m almost half way up the front.  I can’t wait to have this finished.  It the kind of easy to wear, cosy sweater that I need in my life at the moment.

Whilst I was winding the Malabrigo, I also took the opportunity to wind some wool that had been a gift from my friend Christian last Christmas.


These beauties are Buachaille by Kate Davies.  I’ve long admired Kate. She is inspirational in how she turned a major illness that would have floored a lesser woman into a catalyst for a new and rewarding life and business.  Her designs are so beautiful and her dedication to Scottish wool and knitterly heritage is exciting to me.


That said, I’ve not knitted one of her designs yet, which is pretty shabby on my part. These guys are destined to be The Goats of Inversnaid.


Goats!  On a hat and gauntlets!  What’s not to love?  My friends have the best taste and know me so very well.

So that’s keeping me busy.  I’ve also a little Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran awaiting turning into a quick hat.  All my hats and scarves are currently still in boxes, and I think I may have mentioned that the weather has turned here.  Whilst The Goats will be lovely, they’ll take me a wee while to make and the weather waits for no woman.

The wee man has requested a blue sweater with red stripes, so a quick trip was made to Black Sheep Wools this week for supplies.  I’m not turning my nose up at the kids asking for things to be made for them.

Add in the ball of sock yarn that the Hubby located last week and I think I’m covered until the boxes start being unpacked!

My cameras are currently in the shop as I’ve been having sensor problems with one and managed to bend the prongs on the card reader with another.  But as soon as they’re back I’ve got a cardigan that I made for Miss Button to share and yet another pair of socks that I’d completely forgotten that I’d knitted for the Mr.

Right…the babes are off to bed, there’s a gin and tonic with my name on it waiting to be poured, and The Hubby has a movie all lined up.   There’s also a little more acreage of stocking stitch to be knitted. 😉

6 Responses to Knitting

  1. I need a sweater knitting project like that. We too are mid refurbishment and it’s just too dusty and cluttered for sewing. Look forward to seeing your decorating and your knitting and hope you’re on the second g&t by now!

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      I can heartily recommend anything by Joji to fit that need! Her patterns are jolly lovely.

      You are a refurbishing demon and I’m in awe.

      My sitting room is decorated, the sofas arrive on Friday and today he’s made a start in the sewing room. I’m hyperventilating slightly! 😉

  2. Kim says:

    I have started on a couple of Christmas gifts. One very easy crochet (and portable!) and another for my mum. Good fun but time critical.
    I like that sweater, and those acres of stocking stitch are wonderful brainless tv knitting projects.
    Good luck with your decorator!

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      My decorator is a gem. I’ve used him before and he’s that rare breed of tradesman who is good at what he does, reasonably priced and turns up when he says he will! Astonishing, I know.

      You’re awfully organised to be creating for Christmas. I’ve not even made a list yet!

  3. K-Line says:

    Somehow I’m making that Sweet Jane (asymmetric) sweater again – 5 minutes after swearing I’d never make another sweater. And it’s all stockinette. So I feel you. Such tedium but great for TV. Binge watch The Crown and the time will fly.

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      I’m not surprised really. It’s a beautiful sweater and I suspect you’ll look awesome in it. Stockinette is perfect for TV viewing. I’m about to start the last season of The Fall. That’ll finish it off! But I have The Crown too. Hope it’s good.