Hello again Kitty!

Whilst it took me a couple of months to embroider the Kitties, Ma was much more efficient and had the Puss in a Corner patchwork blocks whipped up in no time.

IMG_8264_edited-1How amazing is that?

I LOVE this quilt.


And it’s not even finished yet!

There’s a pink border to add around the edge of the quilt and it will be bound in a floral print.

Thankfully there is no rush as we’ve three other rooms to redecorate before we get to Button’s.

27 Responses to Hello again Kitty!

  1. Jane G says:

    Oh, wow! Between you, you have come up with a beautiful quilt, it can only get better

  2. K-Line says:

    This is beyond awesome! What a gift for your daughter. That her granny and mum have made this for her is amazing.

  3. Michelle says:

    OH. MY. GOSH. This is the best quilt, EVER. Your daughter is going to be the envy of the neighborhood.

  4. lakaribane says:

    I love it to bits. Where did you find the HK drawings? if it’s incriminating for you to answer *wink* I had a HK with yellow overalls and red bow as a kid and I loved her madly. In fact, if not for the $$$ of the Liberty of London prints, I would be draped in that cat, LOL!

    • I have to say I was very reluctant when Miss Button fell in love with her, but she’s gradually winning me over! Especially when you can control the kitsch levels!
      As for the images…they are all freely available on the interwebs. Just Google “Hello Kitty colouring” and you should get loads. And of course, they’ll be great on anything. You could always trace with fabric pens onto t-shirts, bags……
      I must also give a shout out to the lovely q is for quilter who kindly shared some she’d found too for her original inspiration quilt.

      • lakaribane says:

        Thanks for replying. I actually did a search and O-M-G! HK is everywhere, LOL! My brother just had another son otherwise I would actually attempt a quilt since they live in Canada. (Still downloading the images, you never know!)

        • Oh you’re welcome. But just a thought…Ma is thinking of making a Lightening McQueen quilt for my great nephew using the same method in red and blue… 😉

  5. I am glad my daughter hasn’t seen this – or I would have a request for one to fit a double bed! I hope your Button knows how lucky she is to get such a special quilt.

  6. Sue Taylor says:

    I love the fact that every square is different. I too would love to know where you got the drawings, though I have a feeling you already told us in an earlier post. Fantastic joint effort by you and Ma!

    • I love that about it too. The stuff you can buy in the shops is so tacky I couldn’t bear it. This way Button gets her Hello Kitty and I don’t have to look at something hideous every day!
      As I mentioned about you can find loads of stuff on the internet.

  7. Such a gorgeous quilt, I know my little girl would love one 🙂

  8. Oh to be 6 years old (or so) again!

  9. Wow your little big girl is going to want to wear this daily when its done!

    Perhaps you need one for your side of the bed 😉

  10. Susan says:

    Just amazing! This is absolutely gorgeous!