Favourite Amy Herzog designs…yours and mine

Wow…you guys…I’ve been blown away by your lovely, lovely comments on my Aislinn post. Thank you so very much.  The more you commented the more I thought it would be really cool to have a look at some of your favourite Amy designs…and the one’s that I’m contemplating knitting next.

But first, I’d like to say that the only reason I dislike these photos is because, as my darling husband so “gallantly” pointed out, I look like I’ve had one too many Jack Daniels’ and have found the nearest wall to slide down.

How rude…I never have too many to drink in the park!

Moving swiftly on!

Carol commented that she

“seriously considered the Aislinn, but I think I’m too straight up and down (not enough hip curves) to have it look the way I think it should on me”

Carol, I have absolutely no hip/waist ratio.  Boys have more hip curves than I do. Thankfully on my Aislinn there is the gentlest waist shaping at the back that helps me out no end and gives me the faintest illusion of a waist.  Hope that helps.

Now…the pretties.  I went all “hi-tech” and made a pie chart!**  The folk at Apple are quaking in their boots!

Amy Fave Sweaters

You can see that the most coveted designs, after an self-imagined sweater are*:

Both Cushing Isle and Cushman are on my radar.  I love this shape for a cardigan and I adore the stitch patterns used (but not in Rowan Tweed…I’ve learnt that lesson!).

I’m also loving these:

They are all so pretty and so very wearable.  But tippy top of my list at the moment are a sweater and a cardigan.

The cardigan will be a hip length Boyfriend cardigan with pockets and a v-neck, probably in a simple stocking stitch (stockinette).  The perfect basic, that doubles as a lightweight jacket but is casual enough to wear with jeans for a playdate in the park.  For this I’ll use the design-your-own feature.

And, to be fair, I had this in mind when planning what I want to buy at Yarndale later in the month…then Amy threw a spanner in the knitterly works by releasing her new pattern, straight into CustomFit!

I give you Seguin:



I cannot tell you how much I love this.  I’d do it hip length to wear with skinny jeans and boots.  I’m thinking navy and ivory…or maybe navy and a pearl grey.  I need to look at what’s available.  But I’m confident that this is the next thing I’ll be knitting for myself.

Or…maybe I’ll do both!

So, you’ve still got 3 days to enter the giveaway…don’t forget to let me know what design is your favourite.

* All photos used in this post are the property of Amy Herzog.  

** Snapshot of comments taken at 18.30 gmt on Friday 5th.  Obviously this is a moveable feast.

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  1. Ooh I’m going to get knitting when I get back to England!