Embroidered Squirrels

Over Christmas I simply couldn’t have knitted or sewn to save my life.

The whole family was down with a flu bug, and whilst we all rallied for The Day long enough to open gifts, cook the delicious meal cooked by The Hubby, and sip a therapeutic glass of prosecco or 2 (or 3!), the rest of the holidays was spent doing some very serious lounging about and recuperating.

Thankfully, I’d recently purchased a delightful embroidery kit from Jenny Blair on Etsy.

I can’t even remember where I first stumbled across Jenny, but when I saw this design I was entranced.  The two squirrels that live at the bottom of our garden (whom we’ve named Fred and Ginger, of course!), are an endless source of glee, and this just seemed the perfect project for our home.

Jenny was a joy to purchase from.  The design is screen printed onto fabric, all ready to sew, but the colours she had on her site didn’t go with our decor.  A quick convo and she’d found the perfect fabric and we were good to go.

Shipping was so prompt and I had embroidery thread and a hoop in my stash.

So I was all ready to go when the lurgy hit, and a little quiet stitching was all I could muster.

This design in done in four simple, basic embroidery stitches and is easy to make up, even if you’re a beginner.

Once completed I just re-stretched the fabric in the hoop, secured with magic tape, and taped a circle of felt to the back, ready to hang.

It’s so sweet and I’m really pleased with the result.

10 Responses to Embroidered Squirrels

  1. Ah, it’s gorgeous! Hope you’re all properly recovered now.

  2. AnneW says:

    Aaw, that’s so cute! My squirrels have far less printable names… Hope you’re all on the mend now, and haven’t been left with that nasty tickly cough that just won’t shift.

  3. Tialys says:

    I’m sorry you all felt so poorly over Christmas – still, looking on the bright side, you managed to produce something lovely you might not have got round to otherwise.

  4. Kim says:

    I’m not a fan of real grey squirrels but that wall hanging is very pretty 😃

    • Evie says:

      The are little buggers! They stole all the fruit from the trees last year, but they are also so funny. I really, really wish they were red ones!

      Maybe one day!

  5. Your embroidery is lovely and it looks great against that lovely grey. It’s a gorgeous design, squirrels are fab. We have them in the back garden in Glasgow too. They come and eat the apples off the trees and nick the bird food. There are some very covetable designs in her Etsy shop. Xx

    • Evie says:

      I had some apples in the fruit bowl that were so manky I couldn’t even face making sauce with them. So I fed the squirrels with them, to the delight of the kids as the furry fiends hauled them out of the garden.

      Jenny’s designs are delightful! I may have to purchase more. I’d like this design again on cream for a cushion for the sitting room.