Dance relief

Wow these holidays are flying by.

2013-07-23 12.33.11_edited-1We are managing not to completely murder each other, although my two are full of beans and yummy treats!

2013-07-19 16.11.23_edited-1Yesterday they spent the day at their dance class summer school.  2 whole days of activities and dancing. Yay! I think they were as relived as I was for the break!  They certainly came home very tired and, after a bit of grumping, they zonked out in bed nice and early.

So, after catching up with necessary chores (apparently they insist on me having food in the house) I got some time in the sewing loft and set to finishing the quilting of Gardener’s Journal.

GJ quilt_edited-1Of course, as is the way, with only 4 lines of quilting and the binding to sew, I ran out of thread. So I took the time to cut out a toile for a top I’m making as part of the current wave of Simplicity pattern reviews.

2013-07-30 19.04.41_edited-1Which means that soon I’ll have a new top to share with you and a lovely giveaway too!

And, if I get some thread today, I’ll also have a quilt finished.






2 Responses to Dance relief

  1. Jane G says:

    What is is about kids and food? Mine still want food in the house, but in even bigger quantities! Have fun