More cuties in cream – Made by Ma!

It’s bitterly cold still in our neck of the woods.  Button has been very brave venturning out in shorts for photos.  Thankfully Ma has been busy with her needles as they had grown out of pretty much all their knits.

First up is a little jacket that Button has had before.  She absolutely loves it, and this time Ma made it with long sleeves, so it’s even cosier.


Pattern : Sirdar 2358

Yarn : 80/20 poly/wool from Abakhan at £6.17 for a 400g ball

Much as I’d love them to be clothed in Madelinentosh all the time…these two are R.O.U.G.H. on their clothes.  This yarn can just be thrown into the wash and comes out as good as new.

IMG_7845_edited-1IMG_7849_edited-1The Boy was not to be left out…


Pattern : Sirdar Jolly Beachcomber  No 2334

Yarn : As above.  Thankfully as well as being resistant to small people, this yarn is also soft.  Boy is a whiner about wearing a sweater.  Unless it’s super soft it’s a no go.


IMG_7873_edited-2Thanks, Ma.  These are just lovely.

20 Responses to More cuties in cream – Made by Ma!

  1. Aww Boy and Button, perfectly dressed as usual. Cute knits.

  2. Jane G says:

    They make a lovely pair, cables look wonderful on little people

  3. Mrs. Smith says:

    Very cute! I’m new to knitting and am still amazed by people’s creations!

  4. sewbusylizzy says:

    I adore the hoodie, it’s just delightful!!

  5. Andrea says:

    I assume Ma is your mum. In which case, your kids are doubly lucky: both mom and grandma making handmade clothes for them!

  6. Vicki Kate says:

    Just beautiful! Button gorgeous as always and Boy is a handsome little man! What a talented Grandma too.

  7. dokucug says:

    What beautiful sweaters! I think it’s so sweet that Button loved her previous sweater so much that she wanted the same again!

  8. Both lovely – sweaters and kiddos and I wonder how long it will be before Button asks for a red one 🙂

    My AB is the whiner about woolens and won’t wear the gorgeous cardis they got for their birthday from our wonderful neighbour. Nor the merino long sleeve Ts I make for them. I don’t want to go to synthetic (acrylic) but may have to try a cotton – wool blend or something like this poly – wool you’ve used. Will check it out.

    • I hope it helps…Boy is dreadful. He doesn’t like trousers, only shorts. Won’t wear shirts. Whines about woollies. It’s all I can do to stop him running round naked. Even in the middle of winter…he’d just wrap himself in a duvet!

  9. Susan says:

    Oh what lovely sweaters! How fortunate are these cuties that they have (at least?) TWO knitters working for them! 🙂 Also, I’m seriously jealous of your cold weather, in case I haven’t said that enough.

    • I love cold weather…boots, sweaters, hats, mittens. It’s the rain I can’t stand. And we get waaaaaay above the average here, which drives me crazy. That said…it’s glorious today and I’m already fed up with the “heat” (ie about 14 degrees!) 😉 LOL! I’ll shut up now! 😉

  10. Your ma is a wonder!