Christmas socks for Grandad

I had a spare half hour recently so I took the opportunity to update my Ravelry page and noticed that I’ve several knits that are unblogged at the moment.

This is mainly because I’ve not taken pictures! It’s a common theme on this blog. I really must get better at it!

One of these projects was a pair of Christmas socks for Grandad, and when I asked if I could borrow the socks for photographing, I was met with a resounding no! I think he suspects Dave will hold them hostage, never to be seen again.

So he kindly took some photos and here they are!

The colour is a bit blue here, but you can clearly see that the stripes almost match…thats a dyeing issue rather than knitter error.

This is a better representation of the colour!

I think Grandad has missed his calling as a sock model!

The pattern is my normal Regia 4 ply sock, and the yarn is possibly Regia or maybe West Yorkshire Spinners, but I’ve lost the ball band and slept since then.

Needless to say, Grandad loves them, and he’s slowly getting a nice little sock wardrobe going on!

4 Responses to Christmas socks for Grandad

  1. You are the queen of sock knitting! They’re gorgeous 😀

  2. Kim says:

    Socks are such a wonderful project. I love knitting for up socks, and I’ve not yet had anyone looking disappointed after being given them as a gift. Grandads socks look lovely (extra points for matching the stripes!)

    • Evie says:

      Grandad used to eye Dave’s socks and complain about cold feet! As soon as he tried a pair he was converted and I now am aiming to make a pair every Christmas/birthday/fathers day so he soon will have a drawer full like Dave.
      I’ve a pair on the needles at the moment for Dave and he can’t decide whether he wants me to finish the socks or the cardigan I’m also making him first. It’s hilarious!