Basket weaving

Continuing our intermittent day dates, where Dave and I do something creative together, we recently did a basket weaving course with the lovely Joe of Creative with Nature, whom you may remember from my willow hare escapades.

This time we were making baskets, and they are a completely different process.  Which made for a really interesting day for me, learning something new again.

We started off making the base.

This simple cross was opened out so you could weave between the sticks to form a circle.

I swear it’s not as easy as it looks.   Apparently, traditionally apprentices would spend a year just learning how to make bases of different shapes, ensuring that each of the “spokes” are evenly spaced.  I can understand why.  Getting that even separation was impossible for me.

Once the base is completed you slip in some longer stems to form the frame of the basket.

And then you weave.

We did two different types of weave.  They do have specific names, but I’ve completely forgotten what they are.

What I do remember is that the fancy weave that makes the top of the basket completely flummoxed me, and, as we were rapidly running out of time, Joe stepped in and helped me out with the finishing touches.

That beautiful finish is all down to Joe.  The slightly wonky shape of the basket is all my own work!  😉

Dave’s a natural at basketry.  His is so beautiful, with a perfect shape and lovely tight weaving.  But, despite the flaws in mine, these are a gorgeous pair of baskets, and I’m inordinately proud of them.

As I did when I made the hare, we had a lovely day with Joe and came home feeling quite accomplished.   I have my eye on her Stag Head course….maybe in the autumn!

12 Responses to Basket weaving

  1. What beautiful baskets. The colour and the style are great. Do you use different kinds of branches for the colours? What a lovely, creative thing to do together. I bet that it was fabulous fun and they will be really useful. The stag’s head course look brilliant. Xx

    • Evie says:

      You do use different types of willow, but there’s also a natural variation in each type to give you the lovely colours.
      The stag’s head does look wonderful, and he’d look amazing in our hallway!

  2. K-Line says:

    Does your creativity know no bounds? Beautiful!!!

    • Evie says:

      This basket was the limit! I found it incredibly hard on the hands (old age and decrepitude creeping in!)
      But I do love them very much.

  3. tialys says:

    It makes you realise why hand made baskets like these cost more than you think they would doesn’t it? What great courses she offers – if I lived nearby I would rather fancy making the pig.

    • Evie says:

      Oh the pig is awesome. I’d have him snuffling around the garden except George is overly fond of sticks and it would be too much temptation for the wee furball!

  4. OK Evie, fingers crossed! Love this post because not only are the baskets beautiful, you made them together!

    • Evie says:

      It’s so lovely making things together. We’re back at pottery on the 7th making little lantern houses. I can’t wait!

  5. Yesssss!!!! So glad to be able to comment again 😊😊

  6. Kim says:

    I can’t tell which basket is who’s so you can’t be as bad as you think. They both look wonderful – and a stags head sounds perfect!

    • Evie says:

      Aw thank you.
      The stags heads are beautiful, and I love my hare so they’d be perfect companions.