Arne & Carlos Summer Night Socks

I’ve finished another pair of socks for Dave. This time in Regia Arne & Carlos Design Line Summer Night Sock Yarn, using the usual Regia sock pattern.

I recently completed a pair in the companion colourway Moon Night. I don’t have a lot more to say about either the yarn or the pattern, so here’s some, hopefully pretty, pictures to tempt you to pick up the needles.

I’ve had several conversations with people whilst knitting this pair about how hard socks are, and how they could never knit a pair of socks. I think that if you can read a pattern, cast on, knit and purl, you can knit a pair of socks.

I highly recommend this pattern for beginners as the instructions are clear. This is the first sock pattern I knitted. It’s my go to pattern for a plain sock to showcase a self striping yarn.

If you’re on the fence about knitting socks, it’s not an enormous outlay to give it a go. A set of double pointed needles and some 4 ply yarn and away you go. The pattern is free.

A pair of socks in this pattern is my companion when I need to keep my hands busy without having to think overmuch about what my hands are doing. The only bits that get any attention are when I’m working the heel and when I’m doing the Kitchener stitch on the toe. I use the very clear tutorial from Knitty every single time I sew up a toe. It’s not hard, and it only takes a few minutes, but I don’t keep the instructions in my head!

So now you have everything you need to knit your own pair. If you like this yarn, there are still a few balls left at Wool Warehouse.

6 Responses to Arne & Carlos Summer Night Socks

  1. Tialys says:

    I love the colours in this pair.

    • Evie says:

      Me too. I’ve really enjoyed knitting them. I’ve left the more subdued pair till last, but then I have some mad stripes to knit to cheer me up!

  2. Kim says:

    I also love knitting socks – always useful and it’s a very portable project. I knit the tie up version ‘lacery’ which is also a free pattern on Ravelry as I’m pants at grafting the toe!

  3. K-Line says:

    You may recall, like 1000 years ago, I was so “anti-homemade sock”. That was nuts?! They are the most awesome portable knitting in the land. I knit them while standing on the subway platform in rush hour. In fact, socks have diminished much of my “travel anxiety” – I really do not enjoy harsh lights, crowds and loud noise which is what most types of public transit bring to the fore – at least in the crunch times. Airports are my nemesis in this respect. Socks have made them tolerable.

    • Evie says:

      I was so very anti-sock until I started too! Now it’s a mild obsession.
      I always have sock yarn in the box ready to go on the needles. It’s great at dance lessons…I can stand and watch and knit!
      You need to speak to the airports. They have fast track services for people who struggle. Might be worth checking out!