A wonderful compliment

I was recently contacted by the lovely Annabel over at Love My Dress who wanted to feature our wedding on her site.

Obviously I said “yes” and today she has featured us….you can see it here if you’ve not already seen all the pictures.   The link above takes you to her site where you can feast your eyes on lots of beautiful, elegant and stylish weddings.

I’m so flattered that Annabel thought our wedding was worthy to by amongst them, and totally amazed but absolutely thrilled that people find our wedding as wonderful as we did.

2 Responses to A wonderful compliment

  1. Brigitte says:

    Wow, what an amazing wedding ! I’ve only just discovered Annabel’s site and love all of the real ife weddings that she features, but I was paricularly bowled over by yours because it was very much how I envisage our wedding to be. Sadly I don’t share your brilliant creative talents. Buttons tend to fall off within minutes of being sewn on by me, so I will have to search the boutiques for my perfect dress.
    Love your blog by the way. Good luck with it . Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. Amazing – have just checked out the dress, the wedding, the music (fab!). it was all so lovely and refreshing. I live in Spain where it is typical to invite 400-500 people to an average wedding. Each one is the same as the next and with no personal touches. Yours looked like such a happy, beautiful day. Belated congratulations (very belated I know) and a long and happy marriage to you both!