Who moved my thread?

Yesterday I finished the green linen top I’ve been working on and washed and pressed this lovely fabric which is next on the list…it’s going to be a top for Button.


Knowing that today I’d be ready to start on this I’d popped to the shops earlier in the week and purchased a polka dot contrast fabric and thread so I’d be good to go.


The colours are a much better match in real life.

The cutting out took no time at all.

I was ready to get to it.  All fired up and sure that I’d have this little thing all done and dusted and camera ready by the end of today.

Except…could I find that blasted reel of thread?


I’ve hunted high and low. And for a good couple of hours. I’ve tidied and emptied and peeked in all the unlikely places…fridge, freezer, dog’s food bin.

Can I find it?

Still no!

Thankfully I’m out and about tomorrow and can easily pick up another reel.  But really…what the heck is that all about?  Where can it be?

Whilst I have no evidence I sense the work of small people here.  And I don’t mean pixies!

I’m abandoning the sewing in a fit of pique.  I’ll show it who’s boss…I’m off to knit.

However, if by some strange quirk of fate you see my thread wandering about, possibly with a knotted hanky on a stick slung jauntily over it’s shoulder, could you tell it to stop faffing about and get back here pronto.

It’s got work to do!

10 Responses to Who moved my thread?

  1. Vicki Kate says:

    Oh dear! But I can just imagine a mischievous duo at work!

  2. You have sewing gremlins! Fabric combination is fabulous. Looking forward to seeing what it turns into. xx

    • Evie says:

      I think I do…and I think they’re aged 5 and 6! 😉 She’s so excited about this fabric. Whilst I’m sewing it now I won’t be doing the reveal for a couple of weeks…but I’m hoping to get photos of the floral dress and green top this weekend – finally!

  3. I bet it’s in that little pocket of your handbag that you never put things in (we all have one)!

    • Evie says:

      I checked that pesky pocket 4 times. And cleared the sweet wrappers out of the car! Sigh! You know it’ll turn up once the top is finished.

  4. Caroline says:

    Hi Evie!

    I just made a dress in exactly the same fabric! It was great to work with.

    Will look forward to seeing the top that you make for your daughter.


    • Evie says:

      I LOVE your version. Very chic indeed. Now you need another trip to Paris (not Blackpool…no comparison!) to show it off! It is lovely fabric to work with!

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