What’s wrong with this photo?

Are you scratching your head?

Do you think maybe it’s that the sun is shining in Lancashire?

Perhaps you’re wondering what happened to the new fringe? (This photo was taken pre do!)

Still not getting it?

Ok. I’ll help you out.  If you look to the right of Button…just between her and her Daddy…do you see the gap?


Really…that small gap the size of …ooooh, I don’t know….say…a 13 month old little boy.

Do you see it yet?

Ah…there it is….:-)

Well, that gap is soon to be filled.  The social worker meeting we had today was Panel for Button’s brother and they said yes! We’re just waiting for the ratification (and you’ll remember how long that took last time), but if all goes to plan he’ll be home in about 3 or 4 weeks.

We’d hoped to bring him home last year but there were paperwork issues that meant that couldn’t happen.  But he’ll be home soon and our family will be complete.

We are overjoyed.


PS.  Button’s hospital appointment went well…nothing to worry about.  Phew.  All in all a pretty good day, n’est pas?

3 Responses to What’s wrong with this photo?

  1. Jane says:

    Oh, how exciting, congratulations

  2. xtiand says:

    Congratulations and lets hope the paperwork gets ratified in double quick time this time round!

  3. Oh my goodness….this is fantastic news. Congratulations! I am so happy for you all. How super wonderful 🙂

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