What to sew – part 3 – tops

I have finally dusted off the sewing machine and very nearly have two new garments to show you.  This one needed quite a bit of work and a stern talking to!


Rest assured that scissors and expletives have been deployed and it’s looking much nicer now!

Between curses, I’ve also been narrowing down the possible patterns for tops for my proposed TNT pattern selection. As my daily uniform is jeans and a cute top, these patterns will, if I get it right, get a lot of use.

My criteria for this selection was that they’d be reasonably simple sews and would reflect the types of tops I chose in RTW.  They also need to smooth over lumps and bumps whilst I work on getting rid of them, and be modest at the school gate.  I just can’t deal with any garment in which I have to worry about flashing Father Gerry if I bend over to administer a hug or zip up a coat.

I’m fairly sure Father Gerry is grateful for this consideration.

Moving on! First up are popover shirts.  I love, love, love a good popover shirt and this is the garment I wear most at the moment.

Newlook 6267 is pretty much perfect.


View A with bracelet length sleeves with a narrow cuff or elastic, and the back hem brought up to the same length as the front. In all the colours!  I have several versions of this in RTW in my wardrobe and I love. love. love them!   Honestly I could wear this and a pair of jeans all year round and be a happy girl.

Newlook 6267 is also a clone of a RTW favourite.


I had a navy RTW similar to view A, but with lace inserts rather than embellishments, and I wore it to rags with jeans and clogs in the summer.

As an aside, can I just say (again!!!!) that I do wish pattern companies would sort out their styling (bright orange and washed jeans….really?!) and their construction (that hem!) on their pattern envelopes.

Moving on again…I was inspired to purchase Newlook 6217 having seen Jane’s beautiful versions.


I’d been contemplating adding a woven tee to the mix and couldn’t resist.  I’ll be honest that I’m not sure how this one will work for me, but I bought all of these patterns on sale so it’s not a great loss if this is a bust.  And again with the crappy styling!

With the wovens out of the way I absolutely have to have a knit t-shirt pattern.  I have two in mind.  I like to be contrary in that way!

First up is Burdastyle’s Scoop Neck Layered Shirt.

Scoop neck layered shirt

I love this layered look although again it’s a bit of a departure for me.  But I can see this working really well for cooler days when a tee on it’s own is a bit too cool, but a cardigan or jacket is too much.  And its a great way to add some pops of colour to my wardrobe without scaring the horses.

Although the horses would probably mistake that necklace for a tasty snack and not be remotely perturbed by the top.

And last, but by no means least, is Cashmerette’s new Concord tee pattern.


I’m intrigued by the multiple cup sizes, but I was most swayed by a conversation at a sewing class last week.  A friend of my sewing teacher has made it and only had to make the tiniest tweak to the side seams to get a perfect fit. She was astonished.

Also this has all the things I’m looking for in a tee pattern….scoop neck, shirttail hem, set in sleeves.  So expect to see this in all the colours too.  I think the v-necked version with a short sleeve would work perfectly with the Syrah Skirt.

And that’s a summer uniform that would get me out of jeans in a flash.

8 Responses to What to sew – part 3 – tops

  1. Marianne says:

    Nice selection of tops! I recommend the Concord tee, working on my second one as we speak and the fit is so much better than any other knit top I’ve made!

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      Excellent. I can’t wait to get to the Concord Tee. It’s good the hear such great feedback…thank you.

  2. What lovely choices and such a great idea to find some TNTs. Those popover shirts were all over the shops when I was out last week. They are really stylish. Gorgeous fabric in the top photo. Xx

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      Thank you. I can’t say that I’ll stick to just making these, but I really want to get to the point where I have a selection of patterns that I can just pin, cut and sew, with minimal fuss. My wardrobe still echoes!

  3. Lovely selection here. I too need to sew more tops like this as I also live in jeans! Like the idea of the pattern with multiple cup sizes ☺

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      Thank you. Jenny at Cashmerette is proving that it’s not beyond the wit of woman to produce a good range of sizes and multiple cup sizes. I do hope other designers start to take note.

  4. Tialys says:

    🙂 I was going to make a comment about that yellow necklace but you beat me to it – couldn’t top it! It’s a good job most people who sew have a good imagination otherwise they would never sell any patterns.

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      Between awful fabrics, bizarre styling and indecipherable photo shoots it is truly astonishing most patterns ever see the light of day.

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