What to sew – part 2 – bottoms

The easiest part of this planning activity has been planning what I’m going to sew for my bottom half.

Mainly because I almost invariably wear jeans.

A TNT jeans pattern would be an absolute godsend.  I usually wear skinny jeans, particularly in the winter because I tuck them into Uggs* for the school run and proper knee boots when I’m going out somewhere slightly more decorous.

However, for warmer days I’m keen to have some slim legged but not skinny ones that I can wear with a loafer or ballet flat, with a rolled hem as desired.

Jeans by Anthropologie

Jeans by Anthropologie

Once I’ve got the fit nailed at the body, straightening the leg a smidge shouldn’t be beyond the wit of man!

So far, so straightforward.

I’ve got the Ginger jeans pattern on my laptop ready to print, and some stretch denim that I picked up at Harrogate in the stash.


Good to go.

However, I’m also itching to branch out into a cropped cigarette trouser that I can wear with a sneaker and a loose top or sweater.  I’ve been pinning this look for some time now but when I saw Victoria Beckham this week, well, it just about pushed me over the edge!


This is such a perfect look for my life.  Casual but smart.  Comfortable for running around doing school run, college, errands, etc.  It’s takes the outfit up a notch from jeans.

Now, I’ve already got Burda 6985 fitted and a pair cut out.


Goodness only knows what size they are so I suspect the pair that’s cut won’t fit but it may be a simple fix.  I’ll need to check.  But again, it’s a really good starting point.

The good thing about this pattern is that I can also change up the details once I’ve got the fit nailed.  I can make them with the fly zip and back pockets, or I can make them flat and smooth with a back zip.  This latter option would be a really good way of getting some trousers into my wardrobe super quickly.

So that’s trousers sorted.

But I’d like to add some skirts into the mix.  I don’t often wear skirts and want to change that up.  The first thing I need is a maxi skirt pattern. With a simple t-shirt and sandals this would be a great weekend outfit for pootling around the house and barbecuing in the garden.

Again I can shop the pattern stash for this one.  I have the Syrah skirt from Baste + Gather on my laptop.


This is absolutely the look I’m going for.  And the waist construction on this is new to me so I’m looking forward to giving this a go.

And if I fancy something a little different, I quite like this one from Burda.  It’s from the February 2016 issue of the magazine, which I actually bought.  I don’t buy many Burda’s, but this one did catch my eye.


And finally… a chino/jeans style skirt.  Shopping the pattern stash again.


So-Sew-Easy is a new to me pattern company, but I couldn’t resist this pattern.  It’s just a classic chino skirt with some nice detailing.  It’s got a reasonable size range (up to a 50 hip) but again I could see this in different fabrics with a simple tee and I’m good to go.  Much as I’m loathe to get the legs out, I need to get as much skin in the sun as possible this summer, so expect to see this one come around as soon as the weather starts to warm!

So that’s bottoms done!  It’s been a real eye opener.  You really don’t need all the shiny new things to get your wardrobe organised.  And frankly, once these are fitted, the sewing up for all bar the jeans is fairly fast and straightforward.  Jeans are only time consuming because of the topstitching.

What do you think?  Am I oversimplifying this, or could I be on to something?

*Oh Uggs!  How can you be so bloody clumpy and yet simply the only boot to wear on the winter school run?  How many years did I shiver through my socks until you I gave up the fight?  Sigh…I long for loafer and sandal weather, but I did catch myself peeking at possibilities for next winter whilst at John Lewis yesterday.

My name is Evie.  I’m an Uggaholic!

10 Responses to What to sew – part 2 – bottoms

  1. Marianne says:

    Nice patterns, Evie! I’m looking for a basic pants pattern as well, to make in solids, prints and lots of colours. Is Burda 6985 for stretch or non-stretch wovens? I’m still debating which route to take. Non-stretch will give more fabric options but am I ready to give up the comfort coming from that added bit of lycra? I also want to make bootcut jeans, but not flares. Just a bit of extra width to balance my top heavy proportions. Must go through the Knipmode magazines again this weekend. You really inspired me to make a list!

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      The fabric recommendations for Burda 6985 are wool, gabardine, tweed. I’d suggest tweed is more appropriate for the jacket. I’d make these in a fabric with a bit of stretch and just tweak the fit as I’m going. I think it would work? Do you? I like lycra too!

      Knipmode have some lovely bootcut styles. So do BurdaStyle, if you don’t mind the download.

  2. Helen Snell says:

    Ooh I’m looking forward to following these posts. I’ve never sewn jeans and I’m also lusting after a pair of cropped cigarette pants. I’ve made a pair of more fitted capri pants in the past but never been happy with the fit and after following Tashas capri pant sewing fit issues here, http://bygumbygolly.com/2014/11/pants-muslins-and-back-of-thigh-wrinkles-have-nearly-done-me-in/
    I’m a bit scared to try again!

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      I’ve made one pair of jeans before. They were pretty rough but I wore them to holes! Still more comfy than anything shop bought.

      I’ll admit that I had help with the fitting of the trouser pattern, but I’ve put on so much weight since it was done, I’ve no idea how it will work out.

      I did see Tasha’s “adventures” in trouser fitting. I do think it takes nothing short of witchcraft to make it work!

  3. All lovely and I really like your idea of getting some wearable basics made. Those cigarette pants are gorgeous! I bought the Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers recently – I really must give them a try.

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      The Ultimate Trousers have been a big hit in Blogland. I think they’ll look lovely on you.

      I’m hoping I can get these pants working because they’re absolutely my favourite thing to wear after jeans, but they look so much smarter.

  4. K-Line says:

    You are definitely on to something. Keep going – these posts are so fun!

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