Vogue 8534 – FO 5-2012

If you take this dreadfully coloured fabric:

add some of this

mixed with equal parts of this

cut out using this

and try to avoid doing this

and with any luck you’ll end up with this


I lengthened the sleeves on the pattern to make them full length.  Next time out I think I’ll take a smidge off, but its very nice having full length sleeves…not something I often achieve in RTW.

I really want to make this again…but next time as a dress!

8 Responses to Vogue 8534 – FO 5-2012

  1. Jane says:

    so glad you managed to overcome the little hitches, lol. It’s turned out well and you’re enjoying it

  2. Sue Taylor says:

    All that effort really paid off. A lovely top -and don’t you look slim in those skinny jeans!

  3. I missed this – something funny has happened to my subscriptions I think! Anyway, glad I now seem to be sorted – this is really lovely. You are looking very svelte and glamorous 🙂 I started to cut out my trousers yesterday and cocked up the fabric completely and only managed to cut out the back…will have to see if I can use it for something else.

    • PendleStitches says:

      Oh crap. I hope it’s salvageable. Perhaps a panelled skirt?
      Thanks for the kind comments. I’ll take svelte and glamorous, thank you very much.

  4. Hi Evie,
    I’ve made this pattern up and am loving your version. I think a dress would be lovely …

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