Vintage cheer

Last week I was feeling really rather miserable as I’d received my results back for my final paper for the English module of my degree and, quite frankly, I’d blown it.  My score for this paper was 36% lower than my worst score for the rest of the module. To say I was disappointed with both the score and myself would be a bit of an understatement!

Thankfully the postman brought me a parcel from the very talented and clever Kristin.  She too has been clearing out her sewing room and had a number of lovely patterns to share.

I was lucky enough to receive the two larger sized patterns, which means less grading/altering for me (cue cheer from the crowd) and they are absolutely beautiful.

First up is a lovely Simplicity Slenderette pattern number 3475:

As you can see by the date stamp, this was sold by Mille and Rhoads on May 15th 1961.  Miller and Rhoads was a Virginia based chain of department stores that are now sadly defunct.

The pattern says it is suitable for rayson, silks and synthetics.  Amazingly I have some lightweight synthetics in the remaining stash that are simply perfect for this dress.  I’m planning version 1, although I may leave the collar off this version…I’ll see how it looks on me before making a decision.

Next is this gorgeous Marian Martin dress number 9115:

This one has the original postal envelope with it, complete with date stamps:

Don’t you find these little details just as charming and fascinating as the patterns themselves?

The Marian Martin pattern pieces are the “proper” vintage ones without markings, which will be a first for me.  I have some more synthetics that would work beautifully with this pattern, but I also have some pale green linen that might work too.  Especially piped in navy!

I’m so thrilled with these patterns and can’t wait to make them up.  I have a top sitting on Maud waiting for sleeve bindings and hems and the infamous jeans have had their waistband removed and just need a new one adding. Once these are done I’m starting one of these dresses I think.

Regards the jeans,  I decided to suck up redoing the waistband rather than let them languish awaiting weight loss.  Especially as they are most definitely a prototype for future pairs and I want to wear them to work out where the kinks in the pattern are.

I’m hoping to share both of these projects with you soon but between school holidays and final papers, sewing time is a bit limited.  I know I’m not alone with this predicament at the moment. 😉




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  1. Oh no about your English paper results and thank goodness for internet sewing community goodness arriving just in time. I love both those patterns especially the Simplicity. Can’t wait to see how you get on with both …..

    Jeans fix too? Throw yourself into sewing …. definintely :o)

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      Thank goodness indeed. I’m really excited about these patterns. They are just so pretty. Sewing as therapy is a good thing!

  2. Anne W says:

    Luckily you have goodies in the post to pull you out of the doldrums. Bad luck with the paper results. Nothing like a good few sewing days to clear the blues away!

  3. kristinm100 says:

    I interviewed for a job I was doing on secondment (an internal contract) to get it permanently – that’s how it often works in my organization. After having aced the interview that got me the contract in the first place, and doing the job quite competently for a year, I TOTALLY FUCKED UP the interview. Like worst interview evah. Though I got the job, my manager conceded that I’d done a terrible interview. I could barely look at him for a month. So I understand what it is to really fail yourself and not quite know how it happened. I was very prepared for my interview. Hell, I did the job, and still it went badly. Some days are like that. You will move on. You’ll still hate to think about it, but it won’t matter much in the fulness of time.

    • Pendle Stitches says:

      Thanks for sharing this. I do feel like kicking myself around the room but I’m focusing on the penultimate French paper and getting to the finish line. I really appreciate all the support you guys are giving me. It helps.

  4. Such a shame about the paper – I know you´ve put so much into this. Best of luck with the retake. And as for those patterns…stunning! How wonderful too to have all the little things liek original envelopes with dates etc. Makes me think about the woman who ordered them and what she had planned for the outfit!

  5. Pendle Stitches says:

    Oh if only I could do a retake. Because I passed (only flipping just) I’m not allowed to retake it.
    I wonder about the original owner of these patterns too. I love the connection these little details give us to former generations of seamstresses, and the connection we have today with seamstresses all over the world as a result of these patterns and the internet. It’s pretty cool, I think!

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