Upcycled t-shirt tutorial

It’s official.

I’m the world’s worst blogger.

I promise and I don’t deliver.

Because I forget.

Yep…I forgot that a bajillion years ago I promised you a tutorial about how I upcycle adult t-shirts for the kids, using the existing neckline and hems to reduce the amount of sewing you do.

And then today I saw this splendid tutorial at Elegance and Elephants.

photo by Elegance & Elephants
click on photo for source

Which explains it far better than I could do.

And with the cutest dress as an alternative outcome to a t-shirt.

photo by Elegance & Elephants
click on photo for source

So, I’d go there and check it out instead of waiting for my pitiful offering.

And maybe accept my profuse and profound apologies for being so flipping rubbish!


6 Responses to Upcycled t-shirt tutorial

  1. MsStitcher says:

    That is a really good idea!Thank you for the link.

  2. Great post and I think I beat you in the World´s Worst Blogger Competition right now!

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