Thwarting tears with Tangle Teasers

Ok…this is a totally random post, but these brushes are so fecking amazing it would be churlish of me not to share.  Honestly, I’m totally converted.

The thing is, I am mean to my hair. . Really, really unkind.  I am to hair care what Cruella De Vil is to Dalmatian puppies.

I colour it.  A lot.  I use the hairdryer and GHD’s with abandon.  Half the time it’s in a pony tail.

I am terribly harsh on my hair.

And because it’s so fine it pays me back by being fluffy and knotty and splitty and generally unruly.  You can’t really blame it!

Button, whilst she’s not got to the stage of highlights and heat, also struggles with knots and twists and glue tangling up her hair.  I’m not entirely sure I want to know what exactly she gets up to at school, but, goodness, she looks like a bird’s nest at the end of the day.

So every time we go near a brush the usual response is grimaces and cries of “ouch”. Button is the same….

For a while now friends with little girls have told me I should try Tangle Teezers, but I’ve always thought they were just an overpriced gimmick.

TT1Oh how wrong I was.

They are… can I put this….bloody marvellous.


We now have quite the collection of them.  Even hubby uses one to coif his quiff.

TT3The thing is that they swoosh through tangles without tears, work wonders on knots and leave your hair feeling super smooth and shiny.  And….mines not splitting every two seconds any more either.

I feel like such a dope.  I wish I’d bought these earlier.  So does Button.  She has that flowerpot one.

Now….if they’d just develop a styling brush with the same technology but adding in a handle, I’d be in heaven.

Note….the good folks at Tangle Teezers don’t know me from a pile of hair trimmings.  I just love these brushes and think you might too!

14 Responses to Thwarting tears with Tangle Teasers

  1. Thank you such for this review. If I had known about this when Sprogzilla was wee it would have made life so much easier. She hates getting her hair brushed even now. As a consequence she looks like a bird’s nest most of the time. Will definitely seek this out. Thank you. 🙂 xx

    • Evie says:

      You’re welcome. I have been really resistant to buying one of these and am applying head to desk for my tardiness. We love them.

  2. helen says:

    These are fab! I bought the first one quite a few years ago as I have afro textured hair and with a 7 year old with waist length hair we now have two in the house.
    Did you ever see the guy when he was on Dragons Den with them? He didn’t get funding which turns out to be the best thing that happened to him. I read an article about him not long back and I think he owns 100% of the company and products are made in the UK. I did think they were expensive but they are well worth the money. Sunday night hair wash with my daughter always turned into a scream fest – no more!

    • Evie says:

      It’s good to know they work on different hair textures. Button and I have very similar hair so we are not a definitive test group! 😉 I agree…definitely worth the money.

  3. K-Line says:

    Thanks for sharing this info! I’m still using the brush my friend gave me when I was 14?! I need an upgrade cuz the one I’ve got (Shiseido, I’ll have you know) is starting to breakdown. In truth, it didn’t disintegrate till my kid, with her ropey, thick, long hair decided to use it on a regular basis – despite my recriminations. Gotta give this a look up…

    • Evie says:

      Argh…light fingered kids are a nightmare. It just goes to show that spending for quality items is never a waste of money. Give these a try…I do think you might like them.

  4. Looks good! Is it wrong I want the flowerpot one?

  5. My hairdresser uses these on me! I have fine, long and curly hair and there’s a LOT of it. When I brush it myself I manage to go very gently and avoid too much pain, but when it’s someone else brushing this mop I like them using these!

    • Evie says:

      My hairdresser uses the blue/white wet hair one too. It was that that helped sway me. Needless to say I have that one now!

  6. sophie o. says:

    oh thanks for the review and link!! my little one’s hair is only just starting to be long enough to be brushed and already she doesn’t like it :/ She has curly hair too..

    • Evie says:

      I wish I bought one of these earlier. When Button was teeny tiny we had no end of tears at hair brushing time. She loves them because they don’t hurt.

  7. Never heard of it before! They look cool though! My hair is thick, I don’t get any pain from combing but lose loads (grows back though) I’m wondering if that brush could help! Thanks

    • Evie says:

      You have lovely hair! Mine has a tendency to come out by the handful too, and you got me thinking…I’m sure it’s been a bit better since using these. Hmmm…I shall keep an eye on that. Good point!

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