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For more years than I care to remember I have bemoaned the lack of clothes in my wardrobe and wished I had a discernible “style”.  All of my friends have one. I can pick up a scarf/yarn/whatever and think “that’s so Alice/Lara/whoever”. Me…not so much.

Considering I can sew whatever I want (obviously within limits as my skills still need some work), this is a pitiful state of affairs.

Considering that I have lots of fabric waiting to be sewn, even more so.

(An aside to my husband at this point…stop rolling your eyes and muttering “I told you so”…it’s not helpful).

So when Colette launched their Wardrobe Architect project recently, my ears pricked up.

waheaderI mentally ticked all the items on Sarai’s list:

You acquire things you don’t use.

You feel regret over purchases, whether it’s fabric you’ll never use or a blouse bought because it was on clearance.

You tend to buy quantity over quality more than you’d like.

You buy things that are “close enough.”

You don’t have a chance to think very deeply about your purchases, like the environmental or ethical impact.

When buying fabric, you go for the bright and shiny instead of the fabrics you really like to wear.

You make clothes that don’t really fit your life well (another party dress?)

You have an overwhelmingly long list of sewing projects you want to make and no idea of how to prioritize them. This can actually be kind of stressful for me.

You feel like your wardrobe is all over the place.

You don’t know how to put outfits together from what you have, so you keep acquiring more instead.

I couldn’t have put it better myself.

So…I’m in! Sarai will be posting weekly thoughts for discussion and a downloadable worksheet that you can complete yourself to help you define your style and, hopefully, end up working towards a cohesive, stylish wardrobe that reflects both your personality and your lifestyle.

I definitely need some of that.  I’ve been completely lost since leaving corporate land (suits I can do!), and it’s time for a change.

I’ve printed off the first two worksheets and will discuss them here probably next week. But in the meantime, what do you think of this project?  Are you completing it too?


BTW…I’ve not forgotten that I owe you pictures of Button’s birthday gift.  The weather here is so dreich* at the moment it’s impossible to get a remotely vibrant photograph.  But I will at the first opportunity.

* A word of old Scots origin describing a combination of dull, overcast, drizzly, cold, misty and miserable weather. At least 4 of the above adjectives must apply before the weather is truly dreich.  It has been truly dreich here for the last couple of weeks.

21 Responses to The Wardrobe Architect

  1. Wonderful idea! I hope more will follow … 🙂

  2. It took me a few years after leaving the corporate world to find my style (casual mostly now) and I still have the suits bagged up – god knows what for!

  3. I am still guilty of sewing ‘singletons’ rather than thinking of how things will fit together. I will check out this site. Thank you!

  4. Another one here who’s struggled after leaving suitland. I have found the 6PAC sewalongs at Stitchers guild useful, certainly in that my wardrobe has fewer orphan pieces.
    I know what you mean about the light levels, I’ve been trying to photograph a cardigan today with terrible results.

  5. Anne W says:

    I thought it looked like a great idea, but haven’t started anything just yet. It’s been dreich all week here & in my head, so not really a good place to start looking at the “bright side”. Next week will be better – won’t it?

  6. dottiedoodle says:

    Interesting post. Oh yes, I could do a suit too! All gone now, and I’m going to join in. Haven’t a clue what to wear!

    • Suits are so easy and it’s so tempting when you’re not wearing them any more just to schlep around in any old thing. No more. I can’t wait to see how you get on with this. Good luck.

  7. Vicki Kate says:

    I love the insight these worksheets are bringing. Must do my own homework!

  8. Béa says:

    I’m looking forward to reading what you make of the two worksheets so far. I’ve found them very useful for making me think about things that I sort of already know, but haven’t really thought about. It’s making me confront some fundamental truths.

    • I think the answers are pootling around in our heads already, it’s just taking the time to stop, reflect, and get them down on paper so you can work with them that’s going to be so very valuable.

  9. K-Line says:

    Try not to get too despondent about the weather. That’s what I tell myself every day.

  10. laurahoj says:

    I’m in the exact same boat as you! I have printed the worksheets out just now and intend to also complete this project. Sarai has really hit the mark with this series! I look forward to reading your posts about it.

    • I must crack on with this. I want to be ready for when my mojo comes out of hibernation. Sarai is a genius. Good luck with your project too. It’s going to be interesting following all the different projects.

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