The best laid plans…

Last week was half term so not a huge amount of sewing/knitting has been going on.  We’ve been having fun at the museum…


IMG_8085_edited-1…and eating Italian…



If you can’t slurp spaghetti at this age, when can you.

I have however been working on:

  • the red Ginger skirt, which I today discovered has what looks suspiciously like a scorch mark on the back.  I think I have enough fabric to cut another back, but, really, I could spit!
  • a Beachy Boatneck Tee for a project I’m doing for our village library…more of that later in the week.
  • a sock for the husband…a very late birthday gift!  I’m on the 2nd sock so these will soon be finished.
  • a Red Riding Hood costume for The Boy’s nursery.  They asked so nicely I couldn’t say no!

However, this downtime has left my brain room to mull things over.  And the mullings were further fuelled by a response to my question on the Fit to Flatter forum from Amy.  A little bit late but she was so apologetic all is forgiven. 😀

I think that you should go with the fabric you like… but that’s definitely a big difference in gauge. You could try to see if any of the existing stitch counts give you the proper measurements at your new gauge (# CO sts divided by 5.5 should give you the correct number of inches for your body), but you might consider a different pattern. The Rowan Summer Tweed and the Cashmerino Aran are very different in terms of fabric characteristics, generally.

Hmmmmmm how exactly did Amy get in my head?  I’d been thinking about the fabric and wondering if it wouldn’t be better to park Bud for a while and use the Cashmerino for a different pattern.  I could always treat myself to some Summer Tweed for Bud at a later date, no?

Amy then went on to add:

What kinds of sweaters do you like to wear?


I like to wear long loose cardigans because they “hide” the bits I want to hide…but we all know that it doesn’t work like that!

I kept going back to the two pictures…Washi and Giverny…and realising that whilst I might think that a long loose cardigan will hide a multitude of sins, what would really flatter me is a shorter, fitted cardigan with shaping that would give me the illusion of a waist.

I decided to put it to the ultimate test.

Ask The Husband.

I showed him a picture of Bud.  And a picture of Amy’s latest design, Aislinn.

Guess which one won…

image from

image from

As this is such a pretty cardigan I’m not fighting the decision.

A girl can change her mind, right? Right?

I’ve saved myself a boat load of complicated maths. In my book this is a Very Good Thing.  There will still be modifications to make, but not as many. And Amy designs her patterns with modifications in mind, so it should be so very much simpler to work out.

And I get a great navy cardigan that will work with all the new dresses I’m planning!


12 Responses to The best laid plans…

  1. Jane G says:

    sounds like there is a big sigh of relief there to have chosen a different pattern. Now that’s done, you can go and enjoy knitting it up, without the nagging doubts in the back of your mind. It may have been half term, but you have got a lot done.

    • I think you knit the nail on the head. I love Bud but also need to rethink what works for me shape wise and also to work with the yarn rather than fighting it. I’m setting some time aside later in the week when The Boy is back at nursery to work out the mods and then I can cast on. Hurrah.

  2. Andrea says:

    What fun spending time with the kids during half term. It also sounds like you musings on “fit” are guiding you towards that elusive (at least for me) flattering look. I have to agree with your husband: the subtle shaping on Aislinn looks great and I believe it’s a better choice than Budd. This will be super cute on you!

    • We had a blast over half term. The best one yet.
      The weird thing for me is that I spent most of my adult life in suits during the day and pajamas as soon as I got home from work…usually ridiculously late.
      I didn’t really do “casual” and I’m still trying to figure it out.
      I also always wore black or navy or charcoal…so colour is an unknown quantity.
      I really should have a grip on this by now…but I’m getting there. 😉
      You, on the other hand, always look fabulous.

  3. dokucug says:

    Wow! That’s a beautiful sweater! I really love that little waist tie feature. This is going to look great on you!

    I also love it that you’re the type of mother who lets her kids slurp the spaghetti 🙂

    • Thank you…I’ve also just realised there is an “Eiffel Tower eyelet” stitch which makes me love it even more.
      I do think kids should slurp spaghetti whilst they can get away with it! They behaved so very nicely in the restaurant that even the owner commented, and we got smiles from the business folk conducting Very Important Meetings at the other tables. I was a very proud Mummy indeed.

  4. that’s so pretty! i much prefer it and i think it will look lovely on you!

  5. K-Line says:

    OMG – I LOVE that pattern. This may be my next sweater. You should make it up first and be the guinea pig 🙂

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous pattern! And can I come and spend next half term with you…it looks like so much fun 🙂

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