The 400th Post Giveaway (and FO – 24/2011)

When I started this blog in 2008 it was really just a way to connect with my family who at the time were living nearly 300 miles away.

I wanted to share with them our progress as we knocked our home into shape, and photos of the children following the adoptions.

I had no idea that I’d still be doing this 400 posts later, even though my family all now live within 2 miles of me!

I hadn’t anticipated that anyone else would read my ramblings, or that I’d connect with so many talented women all over the world.  Women who inspire me to be a better and more creative person.

So to say thank you for being there for me I’m excited to hold this, my first ever, giveaway:

This is the Lazy Daisy Shawlette by Orange Flower Patterns knitting in Debbie Bliss Pure Silk in hot pink.

It’s so soft and cosy.

And it’s could be keeping your neck toasty warm this winter.

How to enter

1)   Leave a comment on this post.

2)   For a second entry subscribe to this post by email…little box at the top left of the page…or by subscribing through Google Reader.

3)   For a third entry, link back to this post on your blog.

This giveaway closes at midnight GMT on Sunday9th October.

I’ll announce the winner next week.

International entries more than welcome.  I’ll post this little beauty anywhere.

4 Responses to The 400th Post Giveaway (and FO – 24/2011)

  1. Jane says:

    Congratulations on 400 posts, it’s surprising how these things take off. Enjoy the next 400

  2. Wow – 400 posts, how impressive! I need to do a lot of catching up on your blog. Love the shawl – stunning colour too. I am usually a knitter but as the weather has just begun to turn a little cooler, my first project this autumn in wool is a big “Granny rectangle” blanket with all the scraps of wool from last year. It´s growing so quickly as crochet is so much faster…but I do love to knit too.

  3. Very exciting! First giveaway and 400 posts!Well Done you!

  4. Julia says:

    Me! Me! ME!!!!!
    Oh and congratulations too 🙂

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