Sorry this is a bit late…enjoy!


6 Responses to TGBSB – S3:E4

  1. KC says:

    God I love this show!

  2. Linda says:

    Truly appreciate your posting this. I’ve LOVED watching each of these so much!!! They inspire me to sew more. But thank God I’m not timed or judged. ; )

    • Evie says:

      You’re welcome. I caught up with this episode last night and was very, very glad indeed I didn’t have to do those challenges in those timescales.

  3. I had just watched this and am so excited so see that tonight they are sewing with lace as am planning on making a lace dress, lined …and can’t find anything on line to help me deal with joining it at the neck (v-neck) so that no horrible bits show. Will watch tonight’s episode tomorrow! God those kilt and corset challenges were tough 🙁

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