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Four little speckled frogs…FO 4/2012

sat on a speckled log.

Or in this case a speckled table.

These little guys are made from this free pattern over at Purl, with thanks to them for sharing.

A few scraps of fabric, some ‘past their sell-by date’ lentils, and voila, happy children.

The originals have beautiful little bead eyes,

but in this house they’d be pulled off and eaten

faster than you can say


When good bunnies go bad!

The cape for Alice-who-isn’t-a-cat is almost done.  It would be completely done but Maud isn’t being helpful.

I need her to stand in a professional dressform manner and allow me to pin the hem.  She insists on falling off her legs into a crumpled heap.  She blames Mr S who has promised to screw her legs back on far tighter than I could ever manage but who has been too busy painting fences and laying lawns to do so.

I blame the gin!

I’m sure someone else has been drinking the not-very-secret bottle I keep in the freezer.  I can’t possibly have gotten that far through it on my own!

But I digress.

I blame the gin!

This evening, as she toppled over once more, I abandonded the cape hem and set to on the Easter Bunnies I’d added to my “to do” list at the beginning of the month.  I had already copied the pattern from Tone Finnanger’s book Crafting Springtime GiftsI’d also cut the fabric out.

BIG mistake.

Because, if I’d read the instructions I would have known to, and I quote, “fold the linen double…trace around the patterns….sew around the pieces leaving ends open”.

Instead I had pieces cut out without seam allowances.


I may just have managed to get away with it had I been using the recommended linen.  But, oh no.  Miss Smartypants here was using an old pair of Mr S’s jeans to make funky recycled bunnies.

And this just did not work.

So the bin in the sewing room looks like Bunny CSI with unstitched limbs and ears unceremoniously dumped.

The moral of this story is read the damned instructions!

Shorts for The Boy it is!

Mother’s day bag – FO 8/11

You’ll remember that Ma and I were going to The Patchwork Chicks for a bag making day for Mother’s Day.

Well, it was fabulous.

Despite Button’s best attempts to stop me getting out of the door…you know, screaming, shouting, stamping feet, the usual toddler delaying tactics…we still managed to get to Barrowford in time for tea and a very tasty bacon sandwich at the little cafe across the road, the name of which escapes me.At the appointed hour we liberated machines and sewing supplies from the car and headed on in.

There were four of us in total and we all got on famously from the get go.

First we cut out little house shapes and a base from fabric and interliningstitched them togetherthen we lined them, topstitched them, et voila!Of course, before you add cord they also make splendid hats

Sorry Ma!

But when you do get the cord in, then they are delightful project bags:And as this is the first quilty type project I’ve ever completed, and also the first bag, I’m rather pleased with the result.

Sneak peak of our Mother’s Day treat

On Saturday I’m treating Ma to a day at a bag making workshop at The Patchwork Chicks in Barrowford. Obviously it would be rude of me to expect her to go on her own, so being the selfless individual I am, I’m sacrificing my day to go with her.

Hang on whilst I take my tongue out of my cheek!

We had homework to complete prior to the day.  3 stitcheries which will feature on the pockets of the bag.

A slightly squint-eyed owl

A squirly dragonfly


The fabric is from the Maison de Garance range by French General for Moda.I just love this colour palette.

I think we’re going to have a lovely day.  I’ll report back.

Happy Monday PIF

Monday was typical weather for the North of England.




Generally miserable.

Compounded by the fact that the car was poorly and we couldn’t do anything but hunker down and wait it out, my mood was starting to resemble the weather.

Then the postie arrived with an unexpected parcel.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I LOVE getting things in the post. Cards. Magazines. Patterns. Books. Pretty much anything except junk and bills.  But an unexpected parcel really is top of the list of loveliness.

Inside the parcel were the following gorgeous goodies:

This embroidered red linen bag
two adorable knitted teddies for the kids
dotty pencil and crayon cases
lavender print scented sachet
handmade card with hardanger insert

And an embroidery chart!

You can imagine my surprise and delight.

My mystery benefactor?  The very talented Jane at Loopy Lou’s Adventures into Handicrafts. Not only is she super talented at so many different crafts, she is also, as you can see, super generous.

Jane, I am so thrilled with these gifts and the kids love theirs.  The bears have a happy home full of cuddles and bouncing on the mini trampoline and being fed milk and breadsticks.  The bag is currently doing duty as a glamorous project bag for the Winter Flame scarf.  And, as you know, crayons and pencils are always welcomed by small people…whilst the fabulous rolls are welcome by Mummy!  You are very kind.

So now it’s my turn. Let’s spread the love.  Here are the rules of engagement.

  • Over the next 12 months I shall send a parcel of goodies to the first five people who sign up.
  • You, in turn, will send a gift parcel to five people, with the same rules applying.
  • The gifts may be small….it’s the thought that counts, not the cost.
  • There are no deadlines, no need to hurry, no pressure.  I won’t be sending mine out until well after the wedding.
  • You can choose to post about the PIF on your own blog straight away, or wait until you’ve received your gift parcel from me.  It’s up to you.

So as you can see the whole thing is very relaxed.  So if you’d like to participate, then either email me, pendlestitches [at] jonesmail [dot] eu, or just leave a comment on this post.

What’s new Pussycat???

Now that the Wellie Warmers are done, I’m still working on stash busting.  I’ve promised myself (and Mr Stitch) that I won’t buy any more yarn, fabric, patterns, whatever, until I’ve cleared some of the piles of stuff I’ve got in the loft.  And I know that by most peoples standards it’s a pretty pitiful attempt at a stash, but I’m getting bored of the fabrics so need to clear them to make way for new ones.

The only caveat to this embargo is that I can buy items that facilitate the utilisation of stash.  (I’m being frugal…not stoopid!)

With this in mind, I’ve currently got 3 projects on the go…one knitting, one dressmaking and one quilting (yep…another craft has crept into the workroom.

Firstly, the knitting.  I’m doing Liz Abinante’s Traveling Woman

Image courtesy of feministy.com

In some glorious Wollmeise that was gifted to me by Black Purl:As always the picture really doesn’t do the yarn any justice at all.  The colour just glows and it’s a joy to work with. Stash busting at it’s best!

The dressmaking is using up a piece of Amy Butler Full Moon Polka Dot that I bought to make pyjama pants with and didn’t buy enough!

Image courtesy of etsy.com

So I’m using it as a wearable muslin for a self drafted skirt pattern.  Really just an exercise in both pattern drafting and getting my skills back up to scratch as I’ve done so little dressmaking over the last few years and have rather an important dress lurking in my not so distant future.

Also, I think upwards of £45 for an A-line skirt is more than a little steep…yes Johnny Boden, that’s you I’m talking about!

And last, but by no means least, the quilting.  You may remember I bought a lovely layer cake at Harrogate last year:This is where the shopping caveat came in.  Phew!  I’d planned just to make a simple quilt, sewing all the squares together as is, then appliquéing butterflies to the surface. But it just didn’t grab me. So, whilst on a recent reconnaissance mission to a newly discovered quilting shop, The Patched Pumpkin in Southport (who have just the most adorable staff), I spied Anni Downs’ A Gardner’s Journal and I was done for!

Image courtesy of hatchedandpatched.com.au

It’s got everything I need to spark the flame of interest.  Hand-sewn embroidery – check! Interesting yet simple quilt blocks – check! Something beautiful and practical at the end of it – check!

I’m planning not to actually quilt this but to back it with fleece as a slightly posh picnic blanket.

Shall we not mention the purchase of a light box this also triggered?

Hmmmm, let’s not, eh!

Feltosaurs – FO 8/2010

Today is the Peskalator’s 4th birthday, and, being the son of Lara Croft and Indiana Jones, our archeaologist freinds, it is only to be expected that the boy loves dinosaurs.

With this in mind, I took a book out of the library (the name of which completely escapes me),  ordered some beautiful wool felt from Myriad, and set to work.

The felt is a joy to work with.  Soft and warm and generally delicious.  The Feltosaurs, whilst they look tricky, are super simple to make…I made them on a tray in front of the TV in the evenings.

If I can find the book again I’ll let you know it’s title.  All I can remember is that it had bears in waistcoats on the back cover.

Oh, and he loves them.  Phew!