So close….

and yet still so far!  There are 3 main problems with these trousers.

1.  The fabric, whilst lovely on the roll, is shocking in real life.  It has no recovery and so as soon as you wear them the trousers lose their shape pretty quickly.

2.  They are too long in the body.

3.  They are still too wide in the leg.

As a result of this I’m still getting smile lines at the backSo I think I need to take the waistband off and take some length off the body. I also need to reduce the leg width at the thigh and see where that leaves me.

Whilst the fabric means these will never be perfect, with a little tweaking they will be perfectly acceptable for everyday wear, running errands and the school run.  To be fair, even as they are they are a better fit than RTW, it’s just that I really need to work this pattern to make it even better as I live in trousers for everyday and need a perfect pattern.

So, not a finished object just yet, but hopefully not to far from it.

PS. The top shows the other problem I have with RTW…look how short that top is.  My next post will showcase my solution to it.




4 Responses to So close….

  1. Well done you for tackling trousers – I have never tried (yet) and I don´t know why. Am feeling inspired now! Have tried to subscribe to your blog but it doesn´t seem to have worked – will give it another go today.

  2. Nope still no luck – can´t seem to find a wordpress subscribe button?

    • Evie says:

      I’m just in the process of planning a revamp to the blog so will definitely work out how to add one to it…in the meantime I’ve added a “subscribe via email button” which will keep you in the loop until then. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I hope this helps.

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